APRICOT 98 - Update (Feb 16 through 22)

  • Subject: APRICOT 98 - Update (Feb 16 through 22)
  • From: Barry Raveendran Greene <bgreene at cisco dot com>
  • Date: Wed, 21 Jan 1998 08:54:14 +0800
  • Organization: Cisco Systems - Corporate Consulting Group
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    • [Apologies for any duplicates.]
      If you only go to one Internet conference a year, go to APRICOT (see 
      If you are involved in the Internet industry (Telco, ISP, Services, 
      Equipment, Software, etc), APRICOT has the experts, conference topics, 
      operations meetings, and lots of opportunities to "network" with your peers 
      in the Internet community. APRICOT is a week packet with operational, working 
      group, interest group and other side meetings. These groups choose APRICOT 
      because it gathers all the key people together at one time in one place.
      Here are some examples of some of the major meetings during APRICOT week. If 
      you know of other groups meeting during APRICOT week or wish to have your own 
      group meeting during APRICOT week, please contact the APRICOT Organization 
      Committee (apricot-oc at apnic dot net).
      Barry Greene
      APRICOT Organization Committee
      Asia & Pacific Network Information Center (APNIC), the prime distributor of 
      TCP/IP addresses in the region, holds their Annual General Meeting during 
      APRICOT (Feb 22nd). This years poises to be interesting with the current 
      Secretary General - David Conrad - leaving for broader carrier opportunities. 
      The meeting is open to the APNIC members and public ($50 USD for lunch). 
      Further information can get retrieved at http://www.apnic.net.
      Asia & Pacific Internet Association (APIA) is the emerging Internet business 
      group in Asia and Pacific. A spin off from past APNG, APNIC, and APRICOT 
      activities, it works within the collective interest of it's members to insure 
      that the path for Internet commerce, business, and collaboration are 
      unobstructed. APIA is organizing the Internet business track - bring int some 
      of the best product managers in the region to exchange their views of how one 
      really makes money on the Internet. http://www.apia.org
      ISP Summit - Internet Infrastructure Financing Debate. APIA will be hold a 
      ISP Summit on the 21st Feb on Internet Infrastructure Financing. Combining 
      the aspects from two Asian styles of decision making, the ISP Summit will 
      combine a Oxford style grand debate with a quite power lunch to open dialog, 
      explore the issues and discover possible avenues for consensus. Further 
      information can be found on APIA's Web site: http://www.apia.org
      Asia & Pacific Networking Group (APNG) will also be holding it's annual 
      meeting and a series of seminars. APNG (http://www.apng.org) focuses on the 
      next wave of Internet technologies. It brings together the best Internet 
      researchers in Asia to share the latest updates in their field. This year 
      will focus on Internet 2 style Research and Education (R&E) backbones and 
      Internet security.
      Asia & Pacific Policy and Legal Forum (APPLe) will open a new chapter of 
      APRICOT with a who track dedicated to the Internet policy makers in the 
      region. APPLe will be hosting a Industry Roundtable Electronic Commerce. The 
      round table will consist of regulators and industry executive holding a 
      Harvard style discussion on the barrier to Electronic Commerce in the region. 
      Further information can be found on the APRICOT Web page.
      APOPS - Routing Issues, Internet eXchange Points, Bi-Lateral 
      interconnections, Regional Backbone updates, Regional router servers, etc. 
      etc. are some of a whole list of topics covered by the Asia & Pacific 
      Operations Special Interest Group. This meeting will concentrate on 
      strategies to cope with the dramatic bandwidth cost increase from the 
      currency crisis in Asia.
      Asia Pacific Women's Network - Some of the most influential women involved 
      with the Asia and Pacific Rim Internet community. They will be meet to 
      discuss issues effecting them in the region.
      *TLDs (Top Level Domain) DNS BOF. The *TLD BOF is a follow on to the BOF held 
      at the Kuala Lumpur APNIC meeting. The intent is to provide an informal 
      setting in which ISPs, National TLD organizations, Global TLD organizations, 
      and general Internet population interested in discussing national/global 
      top-level domain issues. The latest information about the gTLD and DNS root 
      developments will be discussed.
      PGP Key Signing Party. This BOF will be used for people to exchange ?Pretty 
      Good Privacy? public keys, meet, and discuss security/privacy issues in the 
      Asia & Pacific Internet community.
      Internet Telephony. Most PCs sold in Asia & Pacific today are loaded with 
      Internet Telephony software. It is a realty today. This BOF will be focus on 
      Internet Telephony dialog between ISPs and others in the region. It goes 
      beyond the conference session and builds on information people gained from 
      the conference to explore the next steps with Internet Telephony in Asia.
      Asia & Pacific Computer Emergency Response Team (APCERT) and APNG Security 
      Incident Response Coordination Working Group (APSIRC) will be having a 
      coordination meeting with all the FIRST and CERT teams in the region.
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