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    • The holidays are upon us.  If you're like a lot of people, you struggle to
      find gifts for your children that will entertain and amuse them at the same
      time.  Well, here's a gift that will delight your child -
      A Is For Airplane!
      "A Is For Airplane" is the award-winning educational video that shows kids
      all the fun and teamwork involved in running an airline.  "A Is For Airplane"
      gets viewers behind the scenes at the airport!  Kids get to see:
      *  The ticket counter!
      *  Inside the baggage system!
      *  On the ramp with the baggage loaders and fuelers!
      *  In the catering kitchens!
      *  Inside the control tower!
      *  In the hangar with the mechanics!
      *  At the boarding gate!
      *  And even in the COCKPIT of a real Boeing 757!
      Parenting Magazine calls "A Is For Airplane" "One of the Best Videos of
      1996!"  It's also Approved by the Parent's Choice Foundation!
      Thousands of copies of "A Is For Airplane" have been sold for $14.95, but as
      an Internet Special this holiday season you can get "A Is For Airplane" for
      only $11.95 (plus shipping and handling.)  ORDER TODAY FOR GUARANTEED HOLIDAY
      You can order "A Is For Airplane" by calling our toll-free number -
      If you'd like more information, visit our Website at
      or CLICK HERE!
      Thank you for your time...
      Johnson Family Productions
      Madison, WI
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