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      From:	Randy Bush [SMTP:randy at psg dot com]
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      Subject:	Meeting 26 Oct
      UCSD/CAIDA, in cooperation with Stanford University and an informal group of
      Internet Service Providers (ISPs), is hosting a one day technical meeting of
      backbone ISPs and topic-specific invitees at Stanford on 26 October.
      The goal of this meeting is to discuss specific technical issues which
      benefit from inter-ISP communication.  The agenda for the meeting will
      continue to evolve, an initial draft is appended.  Your additions are
      No business or pricing issues will be addressed during this meeting, and a
      summary of the discussions will be made public at NANOG or elsewhere, a la
      http://psg.com/~randy/970210.nanog/ and http://psg.com/~randy/970606.nanog/
      In order to address requirements for openness while preserving productivity,
      attendees must meet one or more of the following criteria for participation:
        o A representative from a North American ISP that is connected to three or
          more major North American exchange points such as MAE-East, MAE-West, or
          Pennsauken.  The attendee must have a minimum of two years of experience
          contributing to IETF.
        o A non-North American ISP with at least their own DS3 to one of the
          exchange points.  The attendee must have a minimum of two years of
          experience contributing to IETF.
        o An invitee on a special agenda topic (i.e. kc on measurement)
      UCSD/CAIDA and Tracie Monk are providing organizational and administrative
      infrastructure.  Randy Bush, Ed Kern, Hank Kilmer, Dorian Kim, and Andrew
      Partan are the technical organizing committee.
      As space (and food) will be quite limited, to about 30 people, please let
      Tracie and Randy know if you will be able to participate.  In order to be
      completely fair to attendees, visitors who have not preregistered will be
      turned away.  This ground rule will be applied irrespective of whether the
      unregistered visitor meets the criteria or whether they have attended
      previous BORG meetings.
      At the conclusion of the October 26th meeting, participants may determine
      the need for and venue/timing of any future BORG meeting.
          Tracie Monk <tmonk at nlanr dot net>    Randy Bush <randy at psg dot com>
          UCSD/CAIDA                       Verio / NSRC
                       Backbone Operators' Retreat / Gathering
                            97.10.26  Stanford, CA  USA
      Where and When
      The meeting will be 08:30 - 16:00 Sunday 26 October, 1997.  Yes, there are
      good flights to Phoenix after that.
      The location is
        Stanford University
        Gates 104
      We will be trying to provide
        o continental breakfast
        o breaks with the usual
        o lunch
        o white board
        o OHP
      Backbone ISPs and a few technical invitees.  See above letter of invitation.
      The costs will be about $25 per person.  We are still hammering out details.
      Cash or checks only.  Receipts will be available.
      Please get your additional agenda items in.
      We will bash the agenda in the morning and prioritize and allocate time.  It
      would be helpful if, during the next two weeks, people signed up to present
      or moderate the significant topics.
      We have invited a few significant players who are not ISPs, e.g. kc on
      metrics, Steve Feldman on MAE filtering, etc.
      Draft Agenda, please send your contributions/issues
      o Inter-provider multicast (D Meyer)
      o BGP dampening thresholds again (S Doran)
      o Using PVCs between providers to do high bw peering (A Hanan)
      o Introducting stub-nodes into ISIS/IGP to push peer routes out from the
        network (A Hanan)
      o Dealing with bad practices at the IXs (N Shen)
      We may or may not wish to hold other similar meetings under similar or
      different circumstances.  If it should be interesting to do so, we can
      negotiate it toward the end of the meeting.
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