Cisco System's KL ISP/IXP Workshop Jun 30 - Jul 2

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  • Subject: Cisco System's KL ISP/IXP Workshop Jun 30 - Jul 2
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    • Hello All,
      Some may have heard about the ISP/IXP Workshop Cisco Systems has been doing 
      around the world. We have another one in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia on Jun 30 - 
      Jul 2. Details are attached.
      NOTE: All registrations need to be sent to Evelyn (eong at cisco dot com). She'll 
      have the master list or myslef.
      PS - This is one in a series of workshops - it is not the first and not the 
      last. More are coming.
      Cisco System's ISP/IXP Workshops are designed to provide an empowering 
      learning environment. They provide a combination of lecture, whitepapers, 
      books, and hands-on laboratory exercises all focused to teaching the 
      participates how to design, scale, and maintain an production Internet 
      Service Provider backbone.
      Who should attend: Technical staff who are now or soon will be building or 
      operating a wide area TCP/IP base Internet Service Provider (ISP) network 
      or Internet eXchange Point (IXP), likely with international and/or 
      multi-provider connectivity.
      Prerequisites: Cisco IOS Fundamentals; user level UNIX and maybe some 
      system administration *; some use of network design, preferably 
      TCP/IP-based *
      What you will learn:
      + Techniques for design, setup, and operation of a metropolitan, regional, 
      or national ISP backbone network. This includes the advanced OSPF, IS-IS, 
      BGP4 routing configurations.
      + Techniques for multiple connections to the Internet (multihoming), 
      including connections to IXPs, NSP, and oceanic links to the Internet.
      + Techniques for the design, setup, and operation of metropolitan, 
      regional, or national IXPs.
      + Detailed knowledge of routing, network troubleshooting, routing 
      protocols, domain name system, NIC name and address coordination.
      Typical agenda of the three day workshop looks something like:
      	Day 1 - ISP Network & Routing Architectures
      		- Lab
      		- Q&A
      	Day 2 - Multihoming to the Internet and IXPs
      		- Lab
      		- Q&A
      	Day 3 - Internet eXchange Points - Design, peering, security.
      		- Lab
      		- General time for extra talks and Lab
      		- Q&A
      Each class is different and tuned to the participates requirements.
      Workshop Details:
      When: June 30th - July 2nd 1997
      Where:  New World Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.
      How Much: RM500.00 payable to Cisco Systems (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd. (Does not 
      cover logging cost)
      Contact for Reservations: Evelyn Ong, Cisco Systems Malaysia, Tel: (603) 
      292-8398, Fax: (603) 292-8389, E-mail: eong at cisco dot com
      Hotel Arrangements: New World Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. Tel +603 263-6888 
      (Participates can take advantage of the Cisco Systems Corporate rate of 
      RM195++ per night.
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      Cisco System's KL ISP/IXP Workshop June 30 - Jul 2
      Any Specific Requests:
      Instructors: Praveen Akkiraju, Arpakorn Boonkongchuen, & Barry Raveendran 
      Praveen Akkiraju - Cisco System's Corporate Consulting Group (Telco/ISP) - 
      has been involved with the Internet for the past 7 years in network 
      operations, ISP support and consulting in the Enterprise and ISP feilds. 
      His focus is in the area of Routing Protocols including EIGRP, OSPF and 
      BGP4. He has had extensive experience with designing, implementing and 
      troubleshooting large internetworks. He is currently a Consulting Engineer 
      in the Telco/ISP area with Cisco Systems. He holds a Masters in Electircal 
      Engineering (Thesis : Computer Network Analysis).
      Arpakorn Boonkongchuen - Cisco System's Core IOS Group - is a software 
      developer at Cisco Systems.  He has been working on routing protocol 
      implementations, including OSPF, BGP for IP router and PNNI for ATM switch, 
      for over four years.  He was also involved in designing many large scale 
      internetworks.  He holds a master degree in computer science from the 
      University of Southern California and a bachelor degree in computer 
      engineering from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand.
      Barry Raveendran Greene, Senior Consultant - Cisco Systems - Corporate 
      Consulting (Service Provider/Telco/ISP Team). Responsible for business 
      development, network design, and scaling issues for strategic 
      Telecommunications, Internet, Multimedia, System Security, and On-Line 
      service providers. Specialty areas include ISP (design architecture, and 
      service provisioning), system/network security, campuslevel systems 
      integration, and broadband network design/integration with the Internet.
      Before Cisco Systems, Barry was Deputy Director Planning and Operations - 
      SingNet/STIX. . As the Deputy Director - Mr. Greene is the overall steward 
      of the architecture, direction, and implementation of Singapore Telecom's 
      domestic and international Internet services. His primary job 
      responsibilities include providing leadership and guidance to SingNet's 
      product, engineering, marketing, and sales staff; researching and 
      developing with new inter-network, intranet, and interactive multimedia 
      technologies; architect and develop business models for the Singapore 
      Telecom Internet Exchange (STIX); network engineering and problem solving 
      on STIX and production inter-networking systems; facilitating the exchange 
      and exploration of inter-networking and broadband technologies to other 
      Singapore Telecom products and services; Internet applications integration; 
      and establishing a mentor relationship with SingNet/STIX's staff to 
      facilitate the personal and mutual empowerment of SingNet/STIX's critical 
      edge -- people.
      Mr. Greene has over sixteen years experience in systems integration, 
      security, operations, maintenance, management, and training on a variety of 
      computer, inter-networking and telecommunications technologies. He 
      specializes on Internet and broadband systems integration. Before Singapore 
      Telecom, Mr. Greene was a Network Engineer and Systems Integrator at Johns 
      Hopkins University/Applied Physics Lab (JHU/APL) , Science Application 
      International Corporation (SAIC) , and the United States Air Force. Further 
      detail on Mr. Greene and his Internet activities can be found on his WWW 
      Barry Raveendran Greene                    |       ||        ||        |
      Senior Consultant                          |       ||        ||        |
      Corporate Consulting Engineering           |      ||||      ||||       |
      tel: +65 738-5535 ext 235                  |  ..:||||||:..:||||||:..   |
      e-mail: bgreene at cisco dot com                  |  c i s c o S y s t e m s  |
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