IP Allocation / Registry Tool

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  • Subject: IP Allocation / Registry Tool
  • From: "Miguel A.L. Paraz" <map at marikit dot iphil dot net>
  • Date: Thu, 19 Jun 1997 20:12:07 +0800 (HKT)
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    • Hi,
      To help out in registering IP usage at our side, and for our clients,
      and for their clients in turn, I needed a way of easily getting
      statistics.  Host counts are the easier part - the statistics of 
      usage in months and years to come is hard!  I tried the APNIC (RIPE) 
      database code but it didn't fit my needs.  It treats the IP objects
      as a flat structure, which may be useful for tracking down resources
      but not visualizing them, or doing more useful computation.
      I'm now prototyping a Perl 5 ("object-oriented") tool that aims to
      fulfill this need.  It will store the IP space as a tree structure,
      where a given node can compute for the total requirements of its children.
      I also would like it to handle related tasks such as routing and
      IN-ADDR.ARPA allocation, especially for classless reverse lookups which
      are messier to produce by hand.
      I have some preliminary code, like IP number and CIDR block objects
      and methods, but I didn't find enough time yet to make something that
      works.  I am now wondering if there is anyone else who would have a need
      for such a tool, and collaborate on it.  Confederations (such as the
      upcoming PHNIC) may find this very useful.
      Any comments?  Perhaps we could discuss it over lunch on Sunday.  I would
      like to hear more opinions/requirements.  And, there isn't any
      "original" APNIC code yet, is there?  
      I'd also like to know if there is existing code that does this.
      miguel a.l. paraz  <map at iphil dot net>                              +63-2-893-0850
      iphil communications, makati city, philippines          <http://www.iphil.net> 
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