BGP question.

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  • Subject: BGP question.
  • From: Jumpot Phuritatkul <howdy at nectec dot or dot th>
  • Date: Wed, 18 Jun 1997 18:00:14 +0700 (GMT+0700)
  • Cc: Barry Raveendran Greene <bgreene at cisco dot com>
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    • Hi,
      	Would someone give me a solution for this problem?
       	[A] --------[B]----------------[C] 
      		     |	  (2)		|
      	There are 4 networks of A, B, C and D.
      	A,B,C and D have their own Autonomous System Numbers.
      A is upstream provider of B. B want to announce B,C and D's networks with 
      AS origin of B to A . I want A to go to C via path (1) A-B-C , and B to go 
      to C via path (2) B-D-C . How can I set BGP command at B,C and D?
      Please help me solve this problem.
      Jumpot Phuritatkul
      Network Technology Lab.
      NECTEC, Thailand .
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