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      I'd probably say DHCP assigned addresses out of a provider block assigned to
      the satellite telco that is providing the connectivity (Intelsat? Inmarsat?).
      With respect to roaming, this would depend entirely on how the connectivity
      works.  If the satellite link is provided by a single telco, this wouldn't
      be an issue...
      Anyone know how those airplane telephones work?
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      Break ... let's change topic, lah!
      I'd like to share my first experience on Boeing-777 :-).
      - - Each passenger has its own display and phone set. Besides "standard" 
        entertainment programs and airplane possition map, it also displays 
        a "cockpit view". As an experienced MS FlightSimulator Boeing-737
        it is quite amusing to watch on how a real pilot descents and lands.
      - - Yes, three "recharging" stations for AC 110/220 Volts.
        Looking forward for AC outlet on each seat!
      - - Nope, no mouse (yet).
      - - Nope, neither RJ-45 nor RJ-11 connectors on the phone set.
        Looking forward for either RJ-45 ethernet connector or a web browser
        on each seat. However, not for US$ 8 per minute!
      - - should each seat has its own IP address, or one IP address for the
        whole airplane?
      - - how is the current "routing and DNS" roaming technology?
        Should the IP addresses be static with dynamic routing ?
        Or, should the IP addresses dynamic with fix domain names ?
      wrong mailing list, huh?
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