Re: Designing an IX with non-PI space peers

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  • Subject: Re: Designing an IX with non-PI space peers
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  • Date: Thu, 1 May 1997 22:53:15 +0800 (HKT)
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    • Hi,
      David R. Conrad wrote:
      > >1. Can ISP X get an ASN?  Assume they will always be routed to the rest of
      > >   the net via MCI.  
      > Hmm.  Even if the MCI link goes down?  
      Of course not. :)  What I refer to here are ISPs that for better or
      worse have decided to stick it out with provider space.
      > In any event, the official policy on allocation of ASes is documented in 
      > RFC 1930 -- executive summary: if you are multi-homed to different ASes, 
      > you can get an AS.
      Of course, this parallels your funding-wg statement that they would pay
      $500 for it, as a non-member, unless we at IPhil give them one or 
      "resell". :)
      > >Why should they get an ASN just for inter-Philippines peering?
      > In such cases, the private ASNs could probably be used, but it is
      > "unusual" for such situations to occur...
      Well I hope to be an IX pioneer then. :)
      > >2. If ISP X does get an ASN, I should take care not to leak it out to
      > >   my upstream, right?  
      > Depends on how you want your routing to go...
      Of course it would be in my best interest not to advertise the competitor
      to the rest of the net.  
      > >If they do not, and we peer using a private ASN,
      > >   I should do the same?
      > Not sure I understand -- private ANS should (of course) not be
      > propagated, but I don't think that's what you were asking...
      That was what I was asking; in any case I believe these private
      ASNs will be filtered out by the big providers, no?
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