Designing an IX with non-PI space peers

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  • Subject: Designing an IX with non-PI space peers
  • From: "Miguel A.L. Paraz" <map at iphil dot net>
  • Date: Mon, 28 Apr 1997 23:02:23 +0800 (HKT)
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    • Hi,
      Stirring up the quiet APOPS list a bit... :)
      How would you design an IX where some of the participants do not have
      provider independent space, but want to run BGP?  Would you consider
      assigning private ASNs for these?  Looks like a waste if they procure
      ASNs that won't be in use elsewhere.  On the other hand, static routing
      doesn't scale, we're already having some inconvenience with the PHIX which
      only has 5 peers at present.
      The peers that do BGP with their upstream and the rest of the world would
      have to take care to filter these others out.
      What if a given ISP with non-PI space wants to peer with multiple IXs
      within the country?  Then their private ASNs would have to be unique
      across every IX where they're at.
      This leads me to the idea of allocating "country" IP space that is only 
      routable/usable within a single country.  For example an organization here 
      that is interested only in Philippines connectivity would get space from 
      a registry that allocates from, say, 10/8, and makes sure these are unique?
      People with true private IP needs can use 192.168/16.  Same would go
      for the private ASN space so that people won't arbitrarily assign and
      get dupes.
      This is also a powerful incentive for other providers with IPLs to
      interconnect locally since the 10/8 space is not visible from the outside.
      Your thoughts?
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      iphil communications, makati city, philippines          <> 
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