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  • Date: Sat, 5 Apr 1997 10:53:12 +0800 (HKT)
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    • Hello,
      Barry Raveendran Greene wrote:
      > One thing that was not asked: Miguel - are you collecting statistics? I 
      > know you are doing a lot of traffic statistics on your proxy/cache 
      > (*Miguel's got some nice scripts for Squid), but how about SNMP or NetFlow? 
      Nope, no stats here yet; I haven't gotten around to running NetraMet
      yet.  I don't have the hardware for NetFlow (75xx, right?)
      I don't have any routing tables either.  Right now our APNIC CIDR block
      is routed by MCI, and I have a Sprintlink line (acquired before Global
      One took over the AP circuits) that routes to some proxy caches which
      are within Sprint CIDR space.
      I hope to pick up some stats, but I don't need anything fine-grained at all 
      since I'm not aiming for route-level load balancing as Squid can make up for 
      it (and I am much more familiar with it!)
      P.S. Aren't you busy with InterOp?
      miguel a.l. paraz  <map at iphil dot net>                              +63-2-893-0850
      iphil communications, makati city, philippines          <> 
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