RE: Routing policy in ASN database?

  • To: "'Miguel A.L. Paraz'" <map at iphil dot net>
  • Subject: RE: Routing policy in ASN database?
  • From: Barry Raveendran Greene <bgreene at cisco dot com>
  • Date: Fri, 4 Apr 1997 23:00:27 +0800
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    • Hello Miguel,
      > > Your in a better position then some cause your proxy/caches allow you 
      > > do load balancing at the application level.
      > Yes, in fact the requirement is not urgent since I plan to do the
      > BGP initially with just Global One and use MCI for caching.  The
      > transition can be done slowly.
      In that case you may wish to do what you already highlighted in another 
      message - get a /24 from MCI for you proxy/cache. Put the cache behind a 
      router that points default up the MCI link. MCI will point default back to 
      your /24.
      Or, you can run the proxy/cache in asymmetrical mode. Out bound traffic 
      goes out the Sprint connection, inbound traffic comes in the MCI link.
      Q. What routers do you have for the Sprint and MCI connections?
      > We're not looking for load balancing; redundancy is the main goal.
      > Putting some of the load into the MCI circuit would be of secondary
      > benefit.  This is why I was wondering how much routes would fill up
      > the 256K MCI link.  Or, "how big is MCI?"
      For redundancy, you will need to advertise your IP blocks out both links. 
      You have some control over how much traffic comes over either link by 
      prepending additional AS paths to your advertisement. Here is an example:
      router bgp 4743
      neighbor remote-as 100
      neighbor route-map SETPATH out
      route-map SETPATH permit 10
      set as-path prepend 4743 4743
      With a simular config on your MCI border router you can add additional 
      paths on the MCI advertisement. When routers on the Internet receive the 
      Sprint advertisements and the MCI advertisements, it will prefer the Sprint 
      advertisement since they have the _shortest_AS_path_.
      > > As to your original question about APNIC's IRR database, it is not yet
      > > linked to any other database. There is some work behind the scenes to 
      > > this happen. For now, you will need to keep a place marker object in
      > > APNIC's database, but use the MCI database as the master. The MCI 
      > > will be mirrors over to RADB, RIPE, and other link IRRs. MCI has good
      > > instructions on how to maintain your route objects.
      > Yes, I've seen this.  I was just wondering, since right now we have
      > a fake policy entry listed for our AS4743, and if that would break 
      > now that we're going to use this.
      Is this policy entry in the APNIC database or the MCI database?
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