Re: Routing policy in ASN database?

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  • Subject: Re: Routing policy in ASN database?
  • From: "Miguel A.L. Paraz" <map at iphil dot net>
  • Date: Fri, 4 Apr 1997 14:03:39 +0800 (HKT)
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    • Hello,
      Barry Raveendran Greene wrote:
      > Yes, Miguel you will need to do some crash courses on BGP. If you wish we 
      > can take this off line and work though some load balancing issues and 
      > options. Or we can discuss it publicly - your choose. 
      I'd go for the public discussion; we can keep APOPS active, and
      we can get others' participation here based on their experience.
      > Your in a better position then some cause your proxy/caches allow you to 
      > do load balancing at the application level.
      Yes, in fact the requirement is not urgent since I plan to do the 
      BGP initially with just Global One and use MCI for caching.  The
      transition can be done slowly.
      We're not looking for load balancing; redundancy is the main goal.
      Putting some of the load into the MCI circuit would be of secondary
      benefit.  This is why I was wondering how much routes would fill up
      the 256K MCI link.  Or, "how big is MCI?"
      > As to your original question about APNIC's IRR database, it is not yet 
      > linked to any other database. There is some work behind the scenes to make 
      > this happen. For now, you will need to keep a place marker object in 
      > APNIC's database, but use the MCI database as the master. The MCI objects 
      > will be mirrors over to RADB, RIPE, and other link IRRs. MCI has good 
      > instructions on how to maintain your route objects.
      Yes, I've seen this.  I was just wondering, since right now we have
      a fake policy entry listed for our AS4743, and if that would break anything
      now that we're going to use this.
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