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    • Hi,
      >How would you compare this with say, the ABONE?  
      Not sure.  Digital Isle appears to be a bit more oriented to web stuff
      (if the press reports they are getting are correct -- see  Also, their international bandwidth seems a
      bit sparse (they are claiming T1s).  
      >While actual traffic
      >to/from other Asian countries seems to be small, 
      Right... I wonder if they are not solving a problem that does not yet
      exist.  I'm not sure at this point what advantage moving out of
      California would have -- it seems to me they'd simply be moving the
      congestion to their mainland - Hawaii link and/or anywhere that link
      touches down.  Of course, can't argue with their location... :-)
      >my main interest is in developing proxy cache peer relationships.
      They might be a good group to talk to...
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