Re: The Cidr Report

  • To: Tony Bates <tbates at cisco dot com>
  • Subject: Re: The Cidr Report
  • From: "David R. Conrad" <davidc at apnic dot net>
  • Date: Mon, 24 Feb 1997 17:12:18 +0900
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    • Ouch.  
      Tony: any chance you can hack your script to check the APNIC whois
      >Top 20 Added Classful Routes from 14Feb97 to 21Feb97
      >	 649 AS1221 AARNET-AS
      >	 153 AS4740 APNIC-AS-BLOCK
      % whois -h AS4740
      aut-num:     AS4740
      as-name:     OZEMAIL-AS
      descr:       OzEmail ISP
      descr:       Australian Network
      as-in:       from AS1221 10 accept AARNET-AS
      as-in:       from AS284 20 accept UUNET-AS
      as-out:      to AS1221 announce ANY
      as-out:      to AS284 announce ANY
      admin-c:     AK1-AU
      tech-c:      HP4-AU
      notify:      dbmon at apnic dot net
      mnt-by:      MAINT-OZEMAIL-AU
      changed:     yoshiko at apnic dot net   960222
      source:      APNIC
      >	  39 AS5794 NWREGION-ESD
      >	  36 AS4854 APNIC-AS-BLOCK
      % whois -h AS4854
      aut-num:     AS4854
      as-name:     NETSPACE-AS-AP
      descr:       Netspace Online Systems
      descr:       Melbourne, Australia
      as-in:       from AS2764 50 accept AS2764 AS4433
      as-in:       from AS1221 100 accept ANY
      as-out:      to AS2764 announce AS4854
      as-out:      to AS1221 announce AS4854
      default:     AS1221 50
      default:     AS2764 100
      admin-c:     RP1-AP
      tech-c:      RP1-AP
      country:     AU
      mnt-by:      CONNECT
      changed:     chris at connect dot com dot au 960814
      source:      APNIC
      >	  28 AS4778 APNIC-AS-BLOCK
      % whois -h AS4778
      aut-num:     AS4778
      as-name:     AUNET-AS
      descr:       AUNET Corp.
      descr:       AUNET Network AS number
      descr:       AUNET ASIA-PACIFIC wide
      as-in:       from AS701 100 accept AS701
      as-in:       from AS3462 105 accept AS3462
      as-out:      to AS701 announce AS3462
      default:     AS701 5
      default:     AS3462 10
      admin-c:     DA4-AP
      tech-c:      LH1-AP
      country:     TW
      mnt-by:      AUNET-NOC-AP
      changed:     chhuang at ms1 dot hinet dot net         960819
      source:      APNIC
      >	  19 AS4200 AGIS (Apex Global Information Ser
      >	  18 AS3563 Pilot Network Services, Inc.
      >	  16 AS4452 America Net, Inc.
      >	  15 AS4860 APNIC-AS-BLOCK
      % whois -h AS4860
      aut-num:     AS4860
      as-name:     INTERACT-AS-AP
      descr:       InterACT Internet Services
      descr:       PO Box 1222, Tuggeranong, ACT 2901
      as-in:       from AS2764 50 accept AS2764 AS4433
      as-in:       from AS1221 100 accept AS1221
      as-out:      to AS2764 announce AS4860
      as-out:      to AS1221 announce AS4860
      default:     AS2764 50
      default:     AS1221 100
      admin-c:     CG1-AP
      tech-c:      CG1-AP
      country:     AU
      mnt-by:      CONNECT
      changed:     yoshiko at apnic dot net    961219
      source:      APNIC
      >	  13  AS611 University of New Brunswick
      >	  11 AS2563 KoRea Education Network
      >	   9 AS3957 AIP
      >	   8  AS852 AGT Advance Communication
      >	   7 AS1717 RENATER
      >	   6 AS2764 pty ltd
      >	   5 AS4808 APNIC-AS-BLOCK
      % whois -h AS4808
      aut-num:     AS4808
      as-name:     CHINANET-CORE-WAN-NORTH
      descr:       CHINANET core WAN North
      descr:       using international link at Beijing
      descr:       (Connect to Sprint Intl)
      as-in:       from AS1239  100 accept ANY
      as-out:      to AS1239 announce THIS-AS
      as-out:      to AS4809 announce ANY
      as-out:      to AS4810 announce ANY
      admin-c:     WZ1-CN
      admin-c:     XL4-CN
      tech-c:      YZ6-CN
      notify:      zhang at usai dot asiainfo dot com
      mnt-by:      MAINT-CHINANET-CN
      changed:     yoshiko at apnic dot net  960109
      source:      APNIC
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