Anybody know anything about these folk?

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  • Date: Thu, 20 Feb 1997 21:24:24 +0900
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    • >From a press release...  I find it interesting there is absolutely
      no contact info (Internet or otherwise) in the press release...
      The following was written by Zona Research, based in California:
      Digital Island Circumvents North America 
      January 20, 1997
      Digital Island introduced its new high-performance data network designed to
      circumvent the North American portion of the Internet. This network is
      based in Hawaii and currently serves Hong Kong, Japan, France, the United
      States, Brazil, Australia, and Korea. Digital Island indicated that it
      plans to offer direct backbone connections to more than 30 countries by the
      fourth quarter of 1997.
      Currently almost all of the international Internet traffic hops through
      North America, which potentially increases the chances of a virtual traffic
      jam among Internet users. By locating its main hub outside of North
      America, Digital Island may provide faster and more reliable data
      transmission for its customers due to the shorter distance across Digital
      Island for any two Pacific Rim points. For Digital Island users, the
      Hawaiian hub has the potential to provide faster and reliable delivery of
      Internet content within the Pacific Rim. As the demand for Internet access
      increases worldwide, internationally located access providers may find that
      creating their own local hubs may provide a more cost-effective,
      higher-performance solution than passing all traffic through the U.S.
      backbone. Overall, we see this local hub-and-spoke deployment as the
      continuation of a trend whereby Internet access vendors located outside
      North America ultimately interconnect with the Internet backbone in
      locations far away from North America or Western Europe.
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