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    • >Obata-san,
      What a quick reply.  It came even before my mail out of the list server.
      >As an aside, find it interesting that one of the implications of the
      >current US providers policy is the encouragement of Asia-Europe links
      >(at least when the European providers don't say "to connect to me, you
      >have to pay 100% of the circuit cost").  Makes routing a bit more
      >interesting though...
      The story is like, "Let me out of the game between Europe and Asia.  Let me see who will pay for what part of the connection.  Anyway the cheapest cable route is via USA.  Why don't you drop by?"
      >Hmm.  I assume you mean at least 2 hops (root server -> WIDE router ->
      >InternetKDD router -> ... ), right?  In any event, can you provide
      >more details on the topology of the carrier interconnections?
      Although I am not in the position to tell the technical details, I heard that the root server will be on an independent AS, whose route will be announced via AIH, InternetKDD and possibly some other ISP like TokyoNet, who has a direct link to other countries.  The NSPIXP2 sits between the ASs of the root server and other ISPs but it is only a layer 2 switch.
      Anyway, we think that it can be reached by 2 hops from more than 60 major ASs (at least 20 outside Japan) in the Asia Pacific region.  If you count the number of ASs who can reach within 3 hops, it must be much more.  This will give good localization of DNS lookup traffic in Asia.
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