Re: IAHC decisions

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  • Date: Tue, 18 Feb 1997 23:02:13 +0900
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    • [cc'd to APOPS (AP Operations Forum), as I suspect this is getting
      a bit technical for apple]
      >AIH is not the only backbone in Asia.  There is also an intra-Asia backbone
      >consisting of all of the major carriers in Asia, which is invisible from US
      >due to its "keep traffic in Asia" policy.  AIH is more of an access network
      >to US for non-carrier networks in Asia.
      Right, and also probably the most widely publicized (at least in the
      English trade press that I'm aware of).  Didn't mean to imply AIH's
      was the only effort around.  I'm very happy to see the growth of
      intra-Asia networks, particularly with some of the new cost
      distribution schemes I've heard about (e.g., other than everybody pays
      US providers).
      As an aside, find it interesting that one of the implications of the
      current US providers policy is the encouragement of Asia-Europe links
      (at least when the European providers don't say "to connect to me, you
      have to pay 100% of the circuit cost").  Makes routing a bit more
      interesting though...
      [the root server]
      >It will be one hop off InternetMCI, Global One Link, SprintLink, Demon, PSI
      >and some others via InternetKDD and one hop off InternetMCI or SprintLink
      >via some other networks in Japan.
      Hmm.  I assume you mean at least 2 hops (root server -> WIDE router ->
      InternetKDD router -> ... ), right?  In any event, can you provide
      more details on the topology of the carrier interconnections?
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