Re: Something to watch out for...

  • To: "David R. Conrad" <davidc at apnic dot net>
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  • From: gih at telstra dot net (Geoff Huston)
  • Date: Tue, 31 Dec 1996 18:27:39 +1000
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    • As usual there is no single route count for the Internet - it depends on your 
      topological location as to what a full table looks like. From where I sit it's not
      _that_ bad - a mere 41,471 routes :-)
      #show ip bgp sum
      BGP table version is 3495134, main routing table version 3495134
      41471 network entries (45113/84284 paths) using 8110492 bytes of memory
      At 3:24 PM 31/12/96, David R. Conrad wrote:
      >Not sure how many ISPs in the region run with full routing, but...
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      >Date:    Mon, 30 Dec 1996 22:28:15 -0600
      >From:    Jeremy Porter <jerry at fc dot net>
      >To:      Paul Ferguson <pferguso@Cisco.COM>
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      >Subject: Re: Film at 11:00 
      >In message < at lint dot cisco dot com>, Paul Ferguson write
      >>Looks like the 45k mark was reached:
      >>Table History
      >>Date    Prefixes
      >>231296  43352
      >>241296  44089
      >>251296  43735
      >>261296  43391
      >>271296  43093
      >>281296  43912
      >>291296  45352
      >>301296  45532
      >I would like to note, that at 45,000+ prefixes even with
      >prefix length filters dropping that down to 37,000 prefixes
      >a 16Meg cisco router can no longer hold a reasonable table.
      >It might be ok if people ran flap dampening at their boarders,
      >but with several flaps per second per provider, and the extra
      >memory and cpu used by dampening and filter-lists,
      >those old 68030s can't cut it.
      >For those people that still have "full routes" going into
      >2500 series routers, i.e. smaller dual attached providers, you'd
      >better keep an eye out for your BGP sessions to start randomly
      >dropping as you run out of memory.  (Oh and if this happens enough
      >Sprint and Digex will dampen your prefixes, and possible others...)
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