Something to watch out for...

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  • Subject: Something to watch out for...
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  • Date: Tue, 31 Dec 1996 14:24:00 +0900
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    • Not sure how many ISPs in the region run with full routing, but...
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      Date:    Mon, 30 Dec 1996 22:28:15 -0600
      From:    Jeremy Porter <jerry at fc dot net>
      To:      Paul Ferguson <pferguso@Cisco.COM>
      cc:      nanog at merit dot edu
      Subject: Re: Film at 11:00 
      In message < at lint dot cisco dot com>, Paul Ferguson write
      >Looks like the 45k mark was reached:
      >Table History
      >Date    Prefixes
      >231296  43352
      >241296  44089
      >251296  43735
      >261296  43391
      >271296  43093
      >281296  43912
      >291296  45352
      >301296  45532
      I would like to note, that at 45,000+ prefixes even with
      prefix length filters dropping that down to 37,000 prefixes
      a 16Meg cisco router can no longer hold a reasonable table.
      It might be ok if people ran flap dampening at their boarders,
      but with several flaps per second per provider, and the extra
      memory and cpu used by dampening and filter-lists,
      those old 68030s can't cut it.
      For those people that still have "full routes" going into
      2500 series routers, i.e. smaller dual attached providers, you'd
      better keep an eye out for your BGP sessions to start randomly
      dropping as you run out of memory.  (Oh and if this happens enough
      Sprint and Digex will dampen your prefixes, and possible others...)
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