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  • Date: Tue, 17 Dec 1996 19:06:03 +0900
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    • The Asia Pacific Regional Internet Conference on Operational Technologies
      (APRICOT, is targetted primarily at people who run
      (or want to run) large networks, particularly Internet Service Providers.
      There are 13 tutorials ranging from DNS to Perl Programming and a 3 track
      conference consisting of two day tracks on network operations and services &
      applications, and two one day tracks, one on legal and policy issues in
      cooperation with the Asia Pacific Policy and Legal (APPLe) Forum and the
      other, the Business of the Internet, in cooperation with the Asia Pacific
      Internet Association (APIA).
      To register for the conference, see the APRICOT registration page at (note that the web page uses
      SSL for secure transfers so you can safely send your credit card
      numbers over the Internet).  If you do not have access to the web,
      please contact me and I'll send or fax an email form.
      APRICOT Tutorials:              Jan 27 - 28
      APRICOT Conference:             Jan 29 - 30
      APNIC Meeting:                  Jan 31
      Conference Registration:        US $275
      Tutorials:                      US $275/tutorial
      If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or the organizing
      committee (apricot-oc at apricot dot net).
                            APRICOT Conference Program
                           (Program subject to change)
      -----------------------------Wednesday, January 29 -------------------------
      7:30 8:30 Registration (Continental breakfast provided)
      8:30 9:30 Plenary
          Dr. Anthony Rutkowski, Speech Title: TBA
              Vice President for Internet Business Development at General 
              Magic, Inc., former Executive Director of The Internet Society
          Dr. Paul Flaherty, The Culture of the Internet
              Research Engineer at Digital Equipment Corporation, co-creator
              of the Alta Vista Search Engine
      9:30 9:45 Break
      9:45 11:45 CONFERENCE SESSIONS
      Network Operations -Last Mile Alternatives (Venue: Marina I)
      9:45 10:15    @Home Architecture for IP over Cable TV, Elise Gerich
      10:15 10:45   The Telcos Strike Back: xDSL, Ken Adler (Sourcecom)
      10:45 11:15   Wireless IP Networking, Dewayne Hendricks (Warpspeed
      11:15 11:45   VSAT Technologies, (TBA, Gilat Satellite Networks,Ltd.)
      Services and Applications -Internet Security (Venue: Kellet)
      9:45 10:15    Self-Defense on the Information Superhighway, Barbara
                      Fraser (CERT)
      10:15 10:45   Cryptography for the Service Provider Mike St. Johns
      10:45 11:15   Using Public Key Cryptography (TBA)
      11:15 11:45   Building a Firewall TBA (Ascend)
      Legal and Policy Issues -General Legal Issues (Venue: Marina II)
      9:45 10:15    Content Regulation, Peter Saalmans
      10:15 10:45   Encryption and Security Regulations (TBA)
      10:45 11:15   Copyright Treaties (TBA, WIPO)
      11:15 11:45   Trademarks (TBA, INTA)
      11:45 1:00    Lunch (Lunch not provided)
      Network Operations -Internet Addressing (Venue: Marina I)
      1:00 1:30     Renumbering, Paul Ferguson (Cisco)
      1:30 2:30     Internet Address Allocation Panel Discussion,
                      Moderator: Paul Ferguson (Cisco), Speakers: Scott
                      Bradner (Harvard University), David Conrad (APNIC),
                      Kim Hubbard (InterNIC), Daniel Karrenberg (RIPE-NCC),
                      Jon Postel (IANA)
      2:30 3:00     Audience Q&A
      Services and Applications -Implementing Roaming (Venue: Kellet)
      1:00 2:00     (Talk: TBA), Glen Zorn (Microsoft)
      2:00 2:30     Case Study: Global Reach Internet Connection, (TBA, GRIC)
      2:30 3:00     Case Study: TBA 
      Legal and Policy Issues -Domain Name & IP Address Issues (Venue: Marina II)
      1:00 1:30     Infrastructure 101, Barry Greene (Cisco)
      1:30 2:30     Infrastructure Panel Discussion, Moderator: Barry Greene
                      (Cisco), Speakers: Tommi Chen (Netcentre), Mathias
                      Koerber (Singapore Telecom), Bill Manning (ISI), TBA
                      (InterNIC), Gopi Garge (ERNET)
      2:30 3:00     Audience Q&A
      3:00 3:15 Break
      Network Operations -IXes and Peering (Venue: Marina I)
      3:15 3:45     IX Structures and Issues, Bill Manning (ISI)
      3:45 4:30     Internet Exchange Issues Panel Discussion, Moderator: Bill
                      Manning (ISI), Speakers: Che Hoo Cheng (CUHK) on HKIX,
                      Osamu Nakamura (Keio University) on NSPIXP-2, John
                      Houlker (Waikato University) on NZIX, Domingo Angelo
                      B. Lopez on PHIX, Stephen Stuart on PAIX (Digital)
      4:30 5:00     Audience Q&A
      Services and Applications -Directory Services (Venue: Kellet)
      3:15 3:50     Whois++, Patrik Falstrom (Tele2)
      3:50 4:25     RWhois, Michael Mealing (Network Solutions)
      4:25 5:00     LDAPv3, Mark Wahl (Critical Angle, Inc.)
      Legal and Policy Issues -Future of Internet Governance (Venue: Marina II)
      3:15 4:30     Internet Governance Panel, Discussion, Moderators:
                      Tommi Chen (NetCentre) and Laina Raveendran (GETIT),
                      Speakers: Anthony Rutkowski (General Magic), Others TBA
      4:30 5:00     Audience Q&A
      -----------------------------Thursday, January 30 --------------------------
      7:30 8:30 Registration (Continental breakfast provided)
      8:30 9:30 Plenary
            Rose Ann Giordano, Speech Title: TBA 
            Vice President, Digital Equipment Corporation
      9:30 9:45 Break
      9:45 11:45 CONFERENCE SESSIONS
      Network Operationsd -Cable and Satellite Infrastructure (Venue: Marina I)
      9:45 10:15    Satellite Infrastructure, TBA (Intelsat)
      10:15 10:45   (TBA)
      10:45 11:15   Case Study: Gilat Satellite Networks, TBA, Gilat
                      Satellite Networks, Ltd.)
      11:15 11:30   Case Study: OC3c Across The Atlantic, Patrik Falstrom (Tele2)
      11:30 11:45   Case Study: Asia Internet Information Infrastructure,
                      Suguru Yamaguchi (NAIST)
      Services and Applications -Building & Managing WWW Services (Venue: Kellet)
      9:45 10:15    Hierarchical Caching, Kim Claffy (NLANR)
      10:15 10:45   Style Guidelines for Interactive Web Pages (Paul
                      Flaherty, Digital)
      10:45 11:15   Security and the Web, (TBA)
      11:15 11:45   Putting the Web to work: MSQL 2.0, David Hughes (Hughes
      Business of the Internet -ISP Business in a Nutshell (Venue: Marina II)
      9:45 10:15    Global Backbone Business, Bob Collet (Teleglobe)
      10:15 10:45   Managing ISP Businesses: A Survey, Jin Ho Hur (Inet
      10:45 11:15   Experiences Setting Up an ISP in Hong Kong, Pindar Wong
      11:15 11:45   (TBA)
      11:45 1:00 Lunch      (Lunch not provided)
      1:00 3:00 Conference Sessions
      Network Operations -Routing Issues (Venue: Marina I)
      Applications and Services -The Domain Name System (Venue: Kellet)
      Business of the Internet -Value Added Services (Venue: Marina II)
      1:00 1:30     Why Routing Registries?, Marten Terpstra (Bay Networks)
      1:30 2:00     Building a Big Network, Andrew Partan (WNA)
      2:00 2:30     Dealing with Routing Overload, Sean Doran
      2:30 2:45     Case Study: CERNET, Xing Li (Tsinghua University)
      2:45 3:00     Case Study: ABONE and IIJ, Toshiya Asaba (IIJ)
      1:00 1:30     DNS Futures, Paul Vixie (Vixie Enterprises)
      1:30 2:00     New TLD Implementation Issues, Geoff Huston (Telstra)
      2:00 2:20     Experiences with a National TLD, Kin Ming Fung (CUHK)
      2:20 2:40     DNS and Security, Barbara Fraser (CERT)
      2:40 3:00     Implementing Classless in-addrs, Mathias Koerber
                      (Singapore Telecom)
      1:00 1:30     Fax and Phone Services over the Internet, Bob Coggeshall
      1:30 2:00     Content Services Business, Harish Pillay (Contact)
      2:00 2:30     Roaming, Beat Poltera (iPass)
      2:30 3:00     Virtual Private Networks, Mikko Disini (Ascend)
      3:00 3:15 Break (Refreshments provided)
      Network Operations -Internet Performance Measurement (Venue: Marina I)
      3:15 3:50     Internet Visualization, John Quarterman (MIDS)
      3:50 4:25     The IETF IPPM Effort, Guy Almes (Advanced Network &
      4:25 5:00     (TBA), Michael Schwartz (@Home)
      Services and Applications -Managing Networks and Services (Venue: Kellet)
      3:15 3:50     Managing a National Network, Arron Scott (Netways)
      3:50 4:25     Minerva: An Extensible Object Framework for Management,
                      David Hughes (Hughes Technologies)
      4:25 5:00     CAIDA, Kim Claffy (NLANR)
      Business of the Internet -Electronic Commerce (Venue: Marina II)
      3:15 3:50     E-Payments, Steve Crispinelli (Cybercash)
      3:50 4:25     Authentication and Digital IDs, Andy Leventhal (Verisign)
      4:25 5:00     Smartcards and the Internet (TBA, Mondex)