Re: The Cidr Report

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  • Date: Sun, 1 Dec 96 17:44 PST
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    • > There is no "absolute" point at which to take these measurements. Any
      > point will be coloured (colored) by its relative Internet location with
      > respect to amounts of local detail and aggregated distant detail.
      Yes.  Dave Meyer is trying to overcome this with his new route viewer
      (, analogous to Pushpendra's.  He is getting
      multi-hop BGP from Europe (thanks RIPE), Japan (thanks IIJ), and MAE-West
      (no, LA would probably not be an interesting addition:-) to get widely
      disparate and hence interesting views of the infrastructure.
      It would be prettier if he could
          ip as-path access-list 142 permit ^NAS_
          route-map peerN-in permit 1
             match as-path 142
             sed-path s/^NAS_//        ! or maybe
             set as-path un-prepend NAS
          neighbor 42.666.7.11 remote-as NAS
          neighbor 42.666.7.11 route-map peerN-in in
      to clean the first AS off the path, as it looks tacky.  But I suspect
      cisco would fear the impact of such a knob on their support folk.
      I do not think this approach would be overly useful for Tony's CIDR
      report.  It is not a debugging tool, but an overall trend chart.  The
      constant measurement point and relative measure is what I find useful.