Guam-based exchange point?

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  • Subject: Guam-based exchange point?
  • From: "Miguel A.L. Paraz" <map at iphil dot net>
  • Date: Sat, 12 Oct 1996 15:09:57 +0000 ()
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      Talk of a Guam-based AP IX over at NANOG greatly interests me.  Can we 
      discuss it here at APOPS?
      The most important consideration for the would-be operator is how they'll 
      get their money back.  Aside from charging rentals for equipment colocation, 
      I think a good source of revenue would be WWW colocation, they way (I think) 
      the DEC PAIX does it.  This would be great for sites which would interest
      only an Asia-Pacific market, with the rest of the world connecting via
      the Guam IX's link to the US?
      Another very important application for this IX would be another central
      caching node ala NLANR.  This way, there would not only be IP-based peering
      but also application-based peering for HTTP, which is (and probably be
      continue to be for some time to come) the bandwidth-burner.  However,
      the model here wouldn't be the free peering that you can get at 
      *, but a fee-based one that is structured into the IX
      monthly fees.
      Thoughts?  I think this can substantially help the current AP 
      interconnectivity issues.
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