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    • Hi,
      David R. Conrad wrote:
      > Actually, I imagine fiber capacity is the not the primary
      > consideration.  The major concern is finding either the Telcos and/or
      > the governments to sponsor something like this.  
      As usual, a political thing - so I forwarded the URL to ph-isp if anyone 
      there would be interested an in a position to dig in, since it's for
      the R&E crowd.
      > Bandwidth is, as you know (:-)), expensive (and not because it is scarce).
      Yes, as Geoff H pointed out -- I think the cable people session would
      be timely and well-appreciated.
      > You're probably thinking of AI3 (or is that A3I?).  Suguru Yamaguchi
      > and Jun Murai are heading that and it seems to be doing pretty well
      > (they just turned up a 2 MBps link into Indonesia I believe).  Not bad
      > for essentially free (as I understand it...)
      Yes, this is the one, I came across it sometime.  How about inviting
      these folks to this list, so it'll get more and more interesting?
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