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       Preliminary Announcement
          * Asia
          * Pacific
          * Regional 
          * Internet 
          * Conference on
          * Operational
          * Technologies
       Hong Kong  
       January 27-31, 1997 
       Throughout Asia,  Internet Service Providers, Backbone & Regional
       Networks, Web Hosting Facilities, Firewalls, and Private Intranets, are
       all being installed at a staggering pace. The organizations
       responsible are under tremendous pressure to master the skills and
       policies necessary to operate & maintain these increasingly complex
           * APRICOT's mission is to satisfy this need for information; The
           conference consists of seminars, sessions, and forums with the goal
           of spreading and sharing the knowledge required to operate the
           increasingly complex Asia Pacific Internet topology.
           * The First APRICOT was held in Singapore in last January. It was
           attended by over 280 people from over 18 countries involved in
           delivering Internet Services.
           * APRICOT's mission is to address the critical need to develop and
           advance the skills and understanding necessary to grow  a robust
           Internet infrastructure in the Asia-Pacific region.
           * APRICOT is not just another 'pure-promotional' Internet
           conference  APRICOT is about bringing true subject matter experts
           together with those who can benefit from the information the most.
           The theme for this APRICOT will be - Managing the Growth of the Asia
           Pacific Internet  
       January 27 & 28 - Tutorials - Introductory and Advanced Sessions Covering:
           * Administering Email, News, and other Interactive Services 
           * The Domain Name System,  Security, & 
             General UNIX Systems Administration topics
           * WWW Servers - Administration & Programming
           * Basic TCP/IP Networking & Router Configuration
           * Advanced Router topics, Routing Protocols & Interexchanges
           * Content Control & Censoring Technologies
       January 29 & 30  - Conference -- Tracks will include:
           * Network Operations
           * Applications and Services
           * Internet Policy and Legal Issues
           * Business of and on the Internet      
       January 31 - The Asia Pacific Network Information Center Meeting
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