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    • Hi,
      Geoff Huston wrote:
      > Seriously however this business is VERY different to traditional telephony
      > where we are seeing that a massive proportion of Internet traffic is
      > offshore traffic. This has a profound effect on both the nature of the
      > Internet business and also has a profound effect on the availability
      > and pricing of undersea cable circuits.
      Yes, we'd like to know, for example, what makes it difficult to order
      a trans-pacific T1, even if you could afford it; and; how to make your ISP
      business work in harmony on how these folks work.
      How about the converse -- how much of the international traffic is for
      TCP/IP, as opposed to other forms of data (private leased lines for
      companies), and voice?  
      Finally, inter-AP circuits.  The current WWW edition of Data Communications
      ( opines that X.25 is still an important technology
      for connecting within AP.  If leased lines were as easy to get, and a 
      significant amount of traffic were say, for Australia (I have the raw data, 
      but I think coorelating this with physical geography would be quite an 
      exercise)), I would like to drive a circuit from Manila into Geoff's network 
      (where's the geographical center?).
      On the other hand, if this is more of a political/legal issue, maybe
      APPLE would be a more appropriate venue for this discussion?
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