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  • Date: Wed, 9 Oct 1996 20:44:09 +1000
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    • cool
      Finding out this information is NOT easy, and sometimes I get
      the feeling that once you are initiated into the circle of knowledge
      you have to take to vow of silence :-)
      Seriously however this business is VERY different to traditional telephony
      where we are seeing that a massive proportion of Internet traffic is
      offshore traffic. This has a profound effect on both the nature of the
      Internet business and also has a profound effect on the availability
      and pricing of undersea cable circuits.
      So if we can get the AT&T and KDD teams to provide an insight
      into how they operate that would be most interesting.
      At 9:55 AM 9/10/96, Barry Raveendran Greene wrote:
      >Hello All,
      >David R. Conrad wrote:
      >>The provisioning of trans-oceanic cable gets quite twisted -- I believe
      >>there will be a session on this at APRICOT in HK.  Barry and/or Geoff Huston
      >>might be able to discuss this a bit as they have had some experiences in this
      >Actually, I'm going to try to get people from AT&T's and KDD's oceanic cable team to present on how these systems are build, funded, and managed. Critical knowledge for ISPs in our region.
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