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        This would also help in looking at membership issues and help to the members
        by reduced fees to NIRs and allocation of funds towards membership benefit
        and in a balanced way for all regions/economies of APNIC. With reduce fees
        to NIRs, NIRs themselves would be able to engage with its members over
        issues which are more relevant to that NIR membership.
        With regards
        Brajesh Jain
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        Subject: Re: [apnic-talk] ICANN 49 event wrapup
        I agree with Yamanishi-san.
        The document detailing the activities undertaken by APNIC at the
        ICANN49 meeting are an excellent first step to articulating to
        membership what the purpose and benefits are of this level of
        As previously mentioned, I don't believe that the root of the issue is
        business class travel or otherwise, I believe that it is demonstrating
        to the membership, in a way that they accept, that the balance between
        the expenditure and outcomes is appropriate.
        In order to do that, there must be transparency and a level of
        detailed reporting across both areas.  It is only then that the
        membership can determine if they find the balance appropriate.
        To that end I would support an increased level of financial and
        activity reporting along the lines Yamanishi-san has suggested.  We do
        see this increased reporting in RIRs and other multistakeholder
        organisations and they are to be commended for this.
        This will allow the membership to determine if outputs such as those
        reported by APNIC at ICANN49 are balanced with the expenditure
        required to produce them.
        With regard to NetMundial, the final output document is out for
        comment, so I would expect a detailed assessment by members of the
        APNIC delegation would be presented any time now.
        My favourate part of the document so far is:
        "Internet governance discussions would benefit from improved
        communication and coordination between technical and non-technical
        communities, providing a better understanding about the policy
        implications in technical decisions and technical implications in
        policy decision making."
        Ensuring that Internet Governance messages are reframed and
        communicated in a way that the technical community finds easy to
        access and engage with seems like something that APNIC is well placed
        to do.
        Dean Pemberton
        Technical Policy Advisor
        +64 21 920 363 (mob)
        dean at internetnz dot net dot nz
        To promote the Internet's benefits and uses, and protect its potential.
        On Tue, Apr 29, 2014 at 12:16 PM, Masato Yamanishi
        <myamanis at japan-telecom dot com> wrote:
        > Paul and Tony,
        > BTW, I think this page is more transparent than past APNIC announcement.
        > So, can we expect similar announcement about NETmundial in last week?
        > Thank you in advance.
        > Rgs,
        > Masato Yamanishi
        > On 14/04/26 0:44, "Dave Mead" <dave_mead at aim dot com> wrote:
        > Paul,
        > Your speech at Asia Pacific Internet Leadership Program meeting is utterly
        > disappointing to APNIC Members.
        > You said, "...Members pay fees to APNIC to support the organisation and
        > services and they don't give APNIC a blessing to spend that money in
        > unlimited fashion on Internet development..."
        > Members DID NOT BLESS APNIC to spend the fees on business class travel
        > costs 3 times more than an economy class ticket. The entire senior
        > management, including your Executve Assistant and those who work for APNIC
        > as consultants travel in business class contributing to the success of the
        > airlines but clearly not Internet development in this region.
        > Paul, you're leading a not-for-profit organisation not a comerncial entity
        > that you and your senior management can erode member funds for your
        > comfortable travels across the world. This is just outrageous and
        > mismanagement of Member funds.
        > Members like to see the Executive Council takes note of this and truely
        > represent the Members to better manage their funds to contribute for the
        > Internet development in this region. A lot of development work can be done
        > if the funds are managed effectively not use for personal benefits.
        > Best
        > -Dave Mead
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