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        On Saturday, 26 April 2014 at 4:15 PM, "Skeeve Stevens" <skeeve at eintellegonetworks dot com> wrote:
        >So you don't think it is in the interests of APNIC that members of 
        >understand as much as possible about the way the Internet works, 
        >structure, process, enforceability, etc etc?
        I think it is. Corporations pay tax to their governments. This money is allocated to goverment departments and agencies. LEAs have training budget that APNIC can tap into to provide such training. I do not agree for APNIC to use members fee for LEAs training.
        >Personally I think training the LEA's is a good thing... but the 
        >expense of
        >doing so can't be very much.  Sending a trainer off to an LEA for 
        >a day
        >isn't going to break the bank.  
        Yes, it is a good thing and I agree with you. I do not accept to use members fee to provide these trainings. Members have to pay membership fee and pay a fee to attend APNIC trainings or workshops. These LEAs do not pay any fee. This is not fair for members.
        It is also valuable to the 
        >community that
        >when we have security issues:
        >- DDoS attacks
        >- Criminal actions (identity theft, cross border fraud, financial 
        >spying, etc etc etc)
        >That we KNOW the LEAs will understand a) what is going on b) how 
        >it is
        >occurring c) know who they can talk to about helping out with 
        >Or you'd prefer them to be stupid and in the dark?
        I wouldn't.
        >I'd suggest that LEA training benefits the community in MANY ways,
        >especially as the cross-border crimes get more numerous... and if 
        >all LEAs
        >were able to have more of a co-ordinated effort, I would certainly
        >appreciate it.
        Me too, without using members fee.
        Hanif H Mohd
        Senior Network Consultant
        PKSP, Pakistan
        >*Skeeve Stevens - *eintellego Networks Pty Ltd
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        >The Experts Who The Experts Call
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        >On Sat, Apr 26, 2014 at 11:26 PM, <haquehanif at hushmail dot com> wrote:
        >> Hi Dave,
        >> Very good point but its a taboo at APNIC to discuss about 
        >Members fee and
        >> APNIC (mis) management of funds. APNIC maintains a white list 
        >and a black
        >> list of public contacts. You're now in their black list for 
        >raising this.
        >> Like many others, this discussion will end up in the no through 
        >road. The
        >> Executive council we selected are like the famous three wise 
        >> no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil". For our representatives 
        >business is
        >> as usual.
        >> APNIC recently started providing training for law enforcement 
        >> using Members funds....we did not blessed either. Its a good 
        >initiative and
        >> I personally commend APNIC for this. However, these LEAs are 
        >> agencies and have big budgets. If LEAs request training APNIC 
        >must use LEAs
        >> budget to provide such trainings not Members funds. Its just not 
        >> Regards
        >> Hanif H Mohd
        >> Senior Network Consultant
        >> PKSP, Pakistan
        >> On Saturday, 26 April 2014 at 5:44 PM, "Dave Mead" 
        ><dave_mead at aim dot com>
        >> wrote:    Paul,
        >>  Your speech at Asia Pacific Internet Leadership Program meeting 
        >> utterly disappointing to APNIC Members.
        >> You said, "...Members pay fees to APNIC to support the 
        >organisation and
        >> the services and they don't give APNIC a blessing to spend that 
        >money in
        >> unlimited fashion on Internet development..."
        >>  Members DID NOT BLESS APNIC to spend the fees on business class 
        >> which costs 3 times more than an economy class ticket. The 
        >entire senior
        >> management, including your Executve Assistant and those who work 
        >for APNIC
        >> as consultants travel in business class contributing to the 
        >success of the
        >> airlines but clearly not Internet development in this region.
        >>  Paul, you're leading a not-for-profit organisation not a 
        >> entity that you and your senior management can erode member 
        >funds for your
        >> comfortable travels across the world. This is just outrageous and
        >> mismanagement of Member funds.
        >>  Members like to see the Executive Council takes note of this 
        >and truely
        >> represent the Members to better manage their funds to contribute 
        >for the
        >> Internet development in this region. A lot of development work 
        >can be done
        >> if the funds are managed effectively not use for personal 
        >>  Best
        >>  -Dave Mead
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