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      • HI Skeeve,
        Appreciate for your time to join this discussion. I would encourage all members to join as well. Most of us do not have travel funds to attend APNIC meetings to engage in such discussions. Mailing list is our only option to express our opinions.
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        From: Skeeve Stevens <skeeve at eintellegonetworks dot com>
        To: Dave Mead <dave_mead at aim dot com>
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        Sent: Sat, Apr 26, 2014 9:09 pm
        Subject: Re: [apnic-talk] ICANN 49 event wrapup
        While not trying to seem like an apologist for the APNIC management or board, I don't agree with your approach here.
        DM: That is fine. We all are different individuals and members so its natural to have our own approaches.
        In the past I have challenged APNIC about something similar... my issue was about too many staff going to a conference and way too many of them travelling in business class... and I still maintain this position.
        DM: Good to see you have challenged APNIC in the past and maintian the same position now.
        BUT... you need to factor in a few things.
        - Business travel on long trips aids in the recovery time that otherwise might need extra time/days to prepare which has its own extensive costs - Often they land and they are speaking and involved in important events. ÂI'd rather them not falling asleep while they are trying to do these things - They go to a LOT of events to help keep this world of ours running smoothly - They sacrifice a lot to do these jobs... away from family and family events and so on
        DM: I completely agree with you here. I have no argument against number of travels and the great job these guys do.
        However, I think business class is only appropriate under certain circumstances.
        - That the flights are longer than 10-12 hours and the timezones are significant (i.e. NOT from Brisbane to Singapore/NZ/etc) - It should be limited to senior management and those in specific roles where their roles are key - Advisors and administrative staff travelling with them should not be in business class - Staff should use their own extensive collection of frequent flyer points they collect on the job to bump themselves up to business class if possible
        DM: APNIC is based in Brisbane so every flight out is a long haul and is far too expensive. Business class is 3 times more than economy ticket. Yes, it should be limited to senior management staff only however at APNIC, they have 12 directors and a number of consultants who also travel on business class. This is just over the border.
        I am not sure that being a non-profit relates to your argument here... all organisations have expenses and place different importance on different kinds of expenses.
        DM: and these expenses can be managed well to benefit the membership like other non-for-profit organisation in Asia.
        Just because you don't agree with the way something is done, it doesn't mean that it isn't appropriate. ÂIt is easy to yell from the sidelines about some things, but until you actually know the effort involved, I'd take to see a more civil and less accusatory approach to issues like this from you. ÂASK about their policies, including who is entitled, what the rules are and so on. ÂI personally know a number of ex-APNIC staff who've spoken of the rigours of like on the road with so much travel, and you would do well to be more respectful to the staff who choose to take on these roles for the benefit of our community. ÂThis isn't to say everything is done in the best way possible, but be a little nicer about it.
        DM: Thanks for your advise here. I like to ask APNIC to share their travel policies and who is entitled to travel in what class of travels?
        -Dave Mead
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        On Sat, Apr 26, 2014 at 5:44 PM, Dave Mead &lt;dave_mead at aim dot com&gt; wrote:
        Your speech at Asia Pacific Internet Leadership Program meeting is utterly disappointing to APNIC Members.
        You said, "...Members pay fees to APNIC to support the organisation and the services and they don't give APNIC a blessing to spend that money in unlimited fashion on Internet development..."
        Members DID NOT BLESS APNIC to spend the fees on business class travel which costs 3 times more than an economy class ticket. The entire senior management, including your Executve Assistant and those who work for APNIC as consultants travel in business class contributing to the success of the airlines but clearly not Internet development in this region.
        Paul, you're leading a not-for-profit organisation not a comerncial entity that you and your senior management can erode member funds for your comfortable travels across the world. This is just outrageous and mismanagement of Member funds.
        Members like to see the Executive Council takes note of this and truely represent the Members to better manage their funds to contribute for the Internet development in this region. A lot of development work can be done if the funds are managed effectively not use for personal benefits.
        -Dave Mead
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