Re: [apnic-talk] IANA Globalization Progress

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    • Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2014 18:12:06 -0700
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    • Thread-topic: [apnic-talk] IANA Globalization Progress
          I'm very sorry to say this, but it is another good example to show
        announcement/report/explanation from APNIC doesn't have enough information.
        While I could find a few things from Tony's message, which are
        - US government announced that they are ready to transfer "its stewardship
        of important Internet
        technical functions to the global Internet community"
          (but no explanation what is this stewardship)
        - The discussion related with this transition will happen in next ICANN
        meeting at Singapore, Mar 23-27.
          (but no explanation about the agenda of this discussion)
        the press release from NTIA
        n-key-internet-domain-name-functions) has much more information about
        where we are right now, what is next step, and which criteria should be
        considered in next step.
        Let me refer it.
        In 1st and 2nd paragraph, it says,
        As the first step, NTIA is asking the Internet Corporation for Assigned
        Names and Numbers (ICANN) to convene global stakeholders to develop a
        proposal to transition the current role played by NTIA in the coordination
        of the Internetâs domain name system (DNS).
        NTIAâs responsibility includes the procedural role of administering
        changes to the authoritative root zone file â the database containing the
        lists of names and addresses of all top-level domains â as well as serving
        as the historic steward of the DNS.  NTIA currently contracts with ICANN
        to carry out the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) functions and
        has a Cooperative Agreement with Verisign under which it performs related
        root zone management functions.
        In 5th paragraph, it also says,
        NTIA has communicated to ICANN that the transition proposal must have
        broad community support and address the following four principles:
        * Support and enhance the multistakeholder model;
        * Maintain the security, stability, and resiliency of the Internet DNS;
        * Meet the needs and expectation of the global customers and partners of
        the IANA services; and,
        * Maintain the openness of the Internet.
        And, 8th paragraph says,
        While stakeholders work through the ICANN-convened process to develop a
        transition proposal, NTIAâs current role will remain unchanged.  The
        current IANA functions contract expires September 30, 2015.
        Can you see the difference?
        I'm not saying the announcement from NTIA is perfect, but it is obvious
        you didn't provide enough information, rather you write down a bunch of
        political statement.
        Masato Yamanishi
        On 14/03/14 16:49, "Tony Smith" <tony at apnic dot net> wrote:
        >Hi everyone
        >There's been some significant news today with the US Government stating
        >that it is ready to transfer its stewardship of important Internet
        >technical functions to the global Internet community.
        >The US Government's current responsibilities to be transitioned include
        >its role as the historic steward of the unique identifiers registries for
        >Domain names, IP addresses, and protocol parameters.
        >The leaders of the Internet technical community have welcomed this
        >announcement - the statement is below.
        >The first public discussions to develop the process for this transition
        >will take place in Singapore at ICANN 49 (March 23-27).   We strongly
        >encourage the Asia Pacific community to get involved in these very
        >important discussions and to have your say.
        >More information on the Singapore meeting is available here:
        >Best wishes
        >Internet Technical Leaders Welcome IANA Globalization Progress
        >The leaders of the Internet technical organizations responsible for
        >coordination of the Internet infrastructure (IETF, IAB, RIRs, ccTLD ROs,
        >ICANN, ISOC, and W3C), welcome the US Governmentâs announcement of the
        >suggested changes related to the IANA functions contract.
        >The roles on policy development processes of the Internet technical
        >organizations and ICANN's role as administrator of the IANA functions,
        >remain unchanged.
        >The transition of the US Government stewardship has been envisaged since
        >the early days of IANA functions contract. This transition is now
        >feasible due to the maturity of the Internet technical organizations
        >involved in performing their respective roles related to the IANA
        >functions, and ICANN will facilitate a global, multi-stakeholder process
        >to plan for the transition.
        >The strength and stability of the IANA functions within the above
        >organizations (which make up the Internet technical community) are
        >critical to the operation of the Internet. The processes around the IANA
        >functions have always been carefully specified in the communities that
        >our organizations represent. The IANA functions are faithfully
        >administered by ICANN. We are committed to continuing our proven,
        >community-driven processes as we engage in this transition. Our
        >communities are already considering proposals to progress the
        >Our organizations are committed to open and transparent
        >multi-stakeholder processes. We are also committed to further
        >strengthening our processes and agreements related to the IANA
        >functions, and to building on the existing organizations and their
        >roles. The Internet technical community is strong enough to continue its
        >role, while assuming the stewardship function as it transitions from the
        >US Government.
        >Participating Leaders
        >â Adiel A. Akplogan, CEO African Network Information Center (AFRINIC)
        >â Barrack Otieno, Manager, The African Top Level Domains Organization
        >â Paul Wilson, Director General Asia-Pacific Network Information Centre
        >â Don Hollander, General Manager Asia Pacific Top Level Domain
        >Association (APTLD)
        >â John Curran, CEO American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)
        >â Peter Van Roste, General Manager, Council for European National Top
        >Level Domain Registries (CENTR)
        >â Russ Housley, Chair Internet Architecture Board (IAB)
        >â Fadi ChehadÃ, President and CEO Internet Corporation for Assigned
        >Names and Numbers (ICANN)
        >â Jari Arkko, Chair Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)
        >â Kathy Brown, President and CEO Internet Society (ISOC)
        >â RaÃl EcheberrÃa, CEO Latin America and Caribbean Internet Addresses
        >Registry (LACNIC)
        >â Carolina Aguerre, General Manager, Latin American and Caribbean TLD
        >Association (LACTLD)
        >â Axel Pawlik, Managing Director RÃseaux IP EuropÃens Network
        >Coordination Centre (RIPE NCC)
        >â Jeff Jaffe, CEO World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
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