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  • Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2002 15:51:48 +1000
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      Dear APNIC members and friends,
      It is my pleasure to invite you to attend APNIC's 15th Open Policy
      Meeting, being held in conjunction with APRICOT 2003 from 24 to 28
      February 2003 in Taipei, Taiwan.
      APNIC is working closely with the APRICOT organisers to deliver a
      first-class programme of conference and training sessions. As usual,
      APNIC will organise one of the tutorial and conference tracks, including
      APNIC training, Whois v3 and Internet Routing Registry tutorials,
      Special Interest Groups (SIGs), and the APNIC Member Meeting.
      APRICOT 2003 will attract a wide range of delegates from the Asia
      Pacific region and the rest of the world. Some of the world's leading
      thinkers on Internet issues will speak at APRICOT 2003. The programme
          Pre-conference workshops  19 - 23 February
          Tutorials                 24 - 25 February
          APSIRC                    24 - 25 February
          Conference                26 - 27 February
          Global IPv6 Summit        24 - 26 February
          APNIC Member Meeting      28 February
      Please note that APNIC Members receive a 25 percent discount on all
      tutorial and conference sessions at APRICOT 2003.
      Highlights of the Open Policy Meeting are provided below and further
      details are available at:
      Full details of APRICOT 2003, including the programme, registration and
      accommodation information are available on the APRICOT website at:
      1.  Registration open
      2.  Call for sponsors
      3.  Programme highlights
      4.  Call for presentations
      5.  Hostmaster consultations
      Registration for APNIC 15, including the APNIC Member Meeting (AMM), and
      APRICOT 2003 sessions, can now be made on the APRICOT 2003 registration
      site at:
      Please register before 19 January 2003 to take advantage of the
      early-bird discount of 25 percent. APNIC members also receive an
      additional 25 percent discount. Please choose the "APNIC Member" option
      on the opening menu and supply your APNIC account name. If you do not
      know you account name email us at <meetings at apnic dot net>.
      If you wish to attend the AMM please check this option on the
      "Program/Agenda selection window". The AMM is free for APNIC members. A
      registration fee of US$50 applies for non-members and will be payable at
      the APNIC registration desk on site.
      If you have any problems with the meeting registration process, please
      contact us by email to <meetings at apnic dot net>.
      Once again, APNIC is seeking sponsors for the Open Policy Meeting. A
      range of options is available. Sponsorships provide an opportunity for
      you to support this important event, and promote your organisation
      within a strong community of Internet engineers and managers. Details of
      the sponsorship packages and benefits are available at:
      Sponsorships are allocated on first-come first-served basis, so please
      provide an expression of interest to <sponsorship at apnic dot net> at the
      earliest possible date.
          Monday 24 February 2003
            'Effective IP Address Management'- APNIC Training
          Tuesday 25 February 2003
            Whois v3 tutorial
            Internet Routing Registry (IRR) tutorial
            Newcomers' Orientation
          Wednesday 26 February 2003
            IPv6 SIG (joint session with Global IPv6 Summit)
            Database, Routing, DNS Operations and IX SIGs
            Open NIR meeting
            Asia Pacific Operations (APOPS) meeting
          Thursday 27 February 2003
            Address Policy SIG
            ICANN/ASO meeting
          Friday 28 February 2003
            APNIC Member Meeting
      Full details of the programme are available at:
      APNIC 15 will include a range of Special Interest Group sessions (SIGs)
      and the NIR meeting. The SIGs are an open forum to discuss technical,
      policy and operational issues relating to the management of Internet
      Resources within the Asia Pacific region. Presentations are welcome from
      anyone who is interested in management of Internet Resources in the Asia
      Pacific region.
      If you would like to take part in any SIGs or the NIR meeting with a
      presentation, please send your proposal to the appropriate chair cc'ing
      sig at apnic dot net. Proposals should be sent no later than Friday 20 December
      Chairs can be reached at the following email addresses:
          Address Policy SIG  <sig-policy-chair at apnic dot net>
          DNS Operations SIG  <sig-dns-chair at apnic dot net>
          Routing SIG         <sig-routing-chair at apnic dot net>
          IX SIG              <sig-ix-chair at apnic dot net>
          IPv6 Technical SIG  <sig-ipv6-chair at apnic dot net>
          Database SIG        <sig-db-chair at apnic dot net>
          Open NIR meeting    <nir-chair at apnic dot net>
      Details of the presentation requirements are available at:
      Members will be able to meet with APNIC hostmasters during the meeting
      to discuss resource request and registration issues. The Hostmaster
      consultation timetable will be published on the APNIC meeting web site
      in due course. Pre-registration for these sessions will also be
      If you have any questions or suggestions about APNIC 15 or APRICOT 2003,
      please contact us by email to <meetings at apnic dot net>.
      We look forward to seeing you in Taipei!
      Best regards,
      APNIC Secretariat                              <secretariat at apnic dot net>
      Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC)   Tel: +61-7-3858-3100
      PO Box 2131 Milton, QLD 4064 Australia            Fax: +61-7-3858-3199
      Level 1, 33 Park Road, Milton, QLD                http://www.apnic.net
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