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      Dear APNIC Member,
      As you probably know, the next APNIC Member Meeting will be held as part of
      the coming APNIC Open Policy Meeting, to be held in Brisbane, Australia on
      Friday 27 October 2000.
      This meeting will be open to members of APNIC and to the general public, via
      registration at the Open Policy Meeting.  For APNIC members in particular,
      it is important to be aware of this meeting, and to attend if possible.
      Following are some important details.
      * Draft Agenda
      A draft agenda for the Member Meeting is online now at:
      Comments and suggestions on this agenda are welcome, by email to
      <secretariat at apnic dot net> or <apnic-talk at apnic dot net>
      * Executive Council Nominations
      An important part of the meeting will be the election of one member of the
      APNIC Executive Council, who will serve for a one-year term, replacing
      current EC member Mr Kazunori Konishi.
      Nominations for this election are open until 13 October, and may be made by
      any APNIC Member.  For more information, and access to the online nomination
      form, please visit:
      * Proxy Voting
      As usual, APNIC Members who are not attending this meeting may be
      represented through proxies appointed in advance.  The form for appointment
      of a proxy must be submitted by 9am on 25 October, and is available at:
      Note that this form must be submitted to APNIC by fax, and signed by a
      representative of a current APNIC Member.
      * Meeting Registration
      Registration for the Open Policy Meeting is available now, at a discounted
      rate for online "early-bird" registrations.  This discount period has just
      been extended to 30 September 2000, so please be sure to register soon!
      Also, we urge you to make travel arrangements as soon as possible, because
      of current high demand for air tickets to and from Australia.
      * Hostmaster Clinics
      Throughout the Open Policy meeting (25-27 October) APNIC Members will have
      access to our regular "Hostmaster Clinics", where issues relating to APNIC
      policies and procedures can be discussed directly with APNIC's Internet
      Resource Analysts (Hostmasters).
      Advance booking of these sessions is essential, and may be made by email to
      <hostmaster at apnic dot net>.
      * Member Training
      On Wednesday 24 October, APNIC will be presenting its member training
      course, "Effective IP Address Management: Asia-Pacific Policies and
      Procedures".  All are welcome to register for this course, however numbers
      are strictly limited.  If you wish to attend, please be sure to sign up
      soon, through the registration form mentioned above.
      Further details of this training are available at:
      * APNIC Open Policy Meeting
      Of course, the APNIC Member Meeting is being held within the 3-day programme
      of the APNIC Open Policy Meeting, which will provide further opportunities
      for education and networking.  For up to date information, please visit:
      Be sure to check the details of social activities planned for the meeting,
      and other nearby activities which are listed at:
      I am sure that by attending these meetings, you will receive exceptional
      value as an APNIC member, or as a member of the wider Internet community.
      See you in Brisbane!
      Paul Wilson
      Director General.
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