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  • Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2000 13:15:30 +1000
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      Dear Friend,
      The APNIC Open Policy Meeting is coming up soon, and here is a brief update
      on preparations for this important event. For more information and up to the
      minute news, be sure to visit the meeting website at:
      Although the meeting is now only 6 weeks away, we have still not received
      many registrations.  We know that many of you are intending to attend the
      meeting, but have been too busy to register.
      Please note that the discounted early-bird registration fee is available
      only until 15 September (only 2 days from now!!!).  After that time,
      registration will cost extra for APNIC members and non-members.
      Please also remember that due to current high demand for flights to and from
      Australia, you should be sure to make travel arrangements as soon as
      You will be glad to hear that preparations for the meeting are now well
      advanced, and the meeting schedule is close to final.  At the end of this
      email, we have attached the latest programme overview, but please come to
      the meeting website for all the details.
      We are currently working with the Chairs of the Special Interest Group (SIG)
      sessions to finalise agendas and papers, which will also be published soon.
      Please remember that although the meeting runs from 25 to 27 October, the
      Opening Reception is in the evening of Tuesday 24 October.  This will be an
      enjoyable social event with cultural entertainment featuring traditional
      Australian Aboriginal performers who will soon appear at the Sydney
      Olympics, and which will give everyone the chance to meet and mingle with
      other attendees.
      You will also want to know about the special Social Event of the meeting -
      an evening river cruise on the picturesque Brisbane River (cost USD$30 per
      person, including dinner). This will be held on Wednesday 25 October.
      As you may know, Brisbane is a modern city with many recreational
      activities, including golf and casinos as well as an unspoilt natural
      environment.  It is also very close to the Gold Coast, and a short flight
      away from Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef,  all popular international
      tourist destinations.  If you allocate a few extra days for sightseeing
      while you are here, you will be sure to have a great time.
      I hope you can see that the meeting will be an interesting and enjoyable
      event for all.   Please join us in Brisbane!
      Paul Wilson
      Director General.
      APNIC Open Policy Meeting
      25-27 October 2000,
      Brisbane, Australia.
      Tuesday 24
       9:00  APNIC Training Course
      17:30  Finish
      18:00  APNIC Orientation
      19:00  Opening Reception
      Wednesday 25
       8:30  Registration/Breakfast
       9:00  Opening Plenary
      10:30  Break
             Track 1                  Track 2
      11:00  Tutorial: IPv6           Tutorial: IRR
      12:30  Lunch
      14:00  Tutorial: IPv6           Tutorial: IRR
      15:30  Break
      16:00  SIG: IPv6                SIG: Whois database
      17:30  Break
      18:00  BOF: Exchange Points     BOF: Membership Agreement
      19:00  Social Event - River Cruise
      Thursday 26
       8:30  Registration/Breakfast
             Track 1                  Track 2
       9:00  Tutorial: Reverse DNS   SIG: Routing
      10:30  Break
      11:00  SIG: Address Policy     ---
      12:30  Lunch
      14:00  SIG: Address Policy     ---
      15:30  Break
      16:00  SIG: Address Policy     ---
      17:30  Break
      18:00  BOF: Multi-homing       BOF: CA
      Friday 27
       8:30 Registration/Breakfast
       9:00 SIG: Policy (AC Election)
      10:30 Break
      11:00 APNIC Member Meeting
      12:30 Lunch
      13:30 APNIC Member Meeting
      15:30 Break
      16:00 APNIC Member Meeting
      17:30 Finish
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