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                       CALL FOR EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST 
                          APNIC TRAINING PROGRAMME
      Currently APNIC is providing training for members on "Effective IP Address
      Management:Policies and Procedures in the Asia Pacific". The aim of the
      course is to inform and educate members about the management of Internet
      resources in the Asia Pacific.   
      To date, the process of choosing a location for the training course has
      been informal, determined by Internet conferences and meetings in the
      region, as well as in response to specific training requests.
      APNIC hopes to further enhance its training programme and to make training
      a formalised  process to assist APNIC members and prospective members
      across the Asia-Pacific region.
      To enable this improvement APNIC would like to forward this document as a
      call for 'Expressions Of Interest' to identify the necessary resources and
      a list of locations where there is a need for training of  APNIC members
      and prospective members. This will assist APNIC in planning a more
      formalised training programmme for the year 2000.
      Generally the APNIC training courses are refined through members' feedback
      and additional training modules will be developed accordingly. This will
      enable APNIC members to select the modules according to their needs.
      Additionally it will also be possible for new members to opt for beginners
      courses and for established members to opt for more advanced courses.    
      APNIC is seeking to identify Internet meetings and other Internet
      development activities in the region that can co-locate with APNIC
      training. Also we are seeking for any members who are able to assist
      us in coordinating training in their country (eg. in locating
      a suitable venue, hotel for APNIC instructors etc).
      A review of training locations to date is provided below, together with
      suggestions for future locations.
        Singapore, Feb 1999 (in conjunction with APRICOT)
        Mumbai, India, June 1999 (in conjunction with open seminar to ISPs)
        Hong Kong, July 1999                              
        Manila, Philippines, Nov 1999
        Sydney, Australia, Feb 2000
        Seoul, Korea, Feb 2000 (in conjunction with APRICOT)
        Guangzhou,  China, Mar 2000 (in conjunction with open seminar
                                     in Beijing hosted by CNNIC)
      APNIC identified locations for potential training courses
      throughout the year 2000:
      Pacific Islands,  India , China , Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia
      If you would be interested in receiving training in any of these
      locations, or in any other location in the Asia-Pacific region, please
      confirm your interest by responding to the questions below and sending
      your replies to <training at apnic dot net>.       
      * Please give your APNIC member name / account name , if applicable :
      * Have you attended an APNIC training before?  [YES/NO -     ]
        If yes, in which location :
      * Any comments / suggestions about the training course you attended ?
      * Would you be interested in receiving training from APNIC on
        APNIC Policies and Procedures ? [YES/NO -     ]
        If yes,  which is your preferred location, city and country :     
      * Please indicate which modules you would like to receive training on by
        marking an 'X' below :
        Introduction to APNIC and APNIC Policies                    [   ]
        Procedures for Requesting Address Space                     [   ]
        Database Procedures                                         [   ]
        In-addr.arpa Procedures                                     [   ]
        Routing Policy and ASN Procedures                           [   ]
        Unsolicited Commercial Emails(spam) & Best Current Practice [   ]
        IPv6 Overview and Procedures                                [   ]
      * Suggestions for new modules :
      * Would you be interested in basic/introductory courses or more advanced
        courses ?              
      * Please indicate if you are aware of any internet conferences/seminars in
        your country to assist us in scheduling a timeframe for a visit :
      * Please indicate any organisations that would be able to assist with
        finding a suitable low cost venue together with assistance in organising
        the training :
      Thank you for your assistance.
      Champika Wijayatunga
      Training Manager - APNIC 
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