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    • Is it possible to email me a formal invitation to APRICOT 2000 and APNIC
      Annual Membership Meeting?  I'll use the invitation to facilitate the
      preparation of my travel order in our company.  Please course the
      invitation, billing and other docs to the new address below.
      Thank you very much.
      Roy I. Resurreccion {RR-5)
      14/F Ramon Cojuangco Building, Makati Avenue
      Makati City, Philippines 1200
      E-mail:  riresurreccion at pldt dot com dot ph
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      Seoul, 3 Mar 2000
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      Dear APNIC Member,
      APNIC is pleased to announce that our next Annual Member Meeting will be
      held in association with the APRICOT 2000 conference, at the Hotel
      Intercontinental in Seoul, Korea, on Friday 3 March 2000.
      The APNIC Annual Member Meeting provides a forum for Members' discussions
      and decision-making on issues specific to APNIC Membership, including the
      APNIC budget and workplan, and the election of members of the APNIC
      Executive Council.  It is the major event in APNIC's annual calendar, and
      all Members are strongly encouraged to attend and participate!
      APNIC is also assisting APRICOT in 2000, both as a major conference sponsor
      and as co-ordinator of a "track" within the conference programme.  APNIC
      activities during the APRICOT week (28 Feb to 2 March) will include:
      * Tutorials and "special interest group" sessions, which we hope will be of
      particular interest to APNIC members.
      * APNIC's "Hostmaster Clinic" where hostmaster staff will be available for
      question and answer sessions with APNIC members.
      * An "Open Policy Meeting", for the discussion of policy issues relating to
      Internet resource distribution and management. Anyone with an interest in IP
      addressing and management issues will be most welcome at this meeting.
      We encourage all APNIC Members to attend the entire APRICOT conference, both
      to attend the APNIC Annual Members Meeting, and to take advantage of the
      entire APRICOT programme, as an excellent networking and training
      Please contact us at <secretariat at apnic dot net> if you have any questions or
      suggestions in relation to this announcement.  Further details will be
      published soon (via the APNIC website at http://www.apnic.net), and we look
      forward to seeing you in Seoul, in 2000.
      Best regards
      Paul Wilson
      Director General
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