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      This is a call for nominations of interested individuals to serve as a
      Director of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
      (ICANN), as a nominee of the ICANN Address Supporting Organization.
      The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is the
      non-profit corporation that was formed to take over responsibility for the
      IP address space allocation, protocol parameter assignment, domain name
      system management, and root server system management functions previously
      performed under US Government contract by IANA and other entities. The
      Board of ICANN will be composed of nineteen Directors, nine At-Large
      Directors, nine to be nominated by Supporting Organizations, and the
      President/CEO (ex officio). Further details on the composition and
      responsibilities of ICANN are to be found on the ICANN website at
      http://www.icann.org. Intending nominees are strongly urged to read the
      ICANN Corporate Documents and other ICANN published material.
      The Address Supporting Organization (ASO) will have the responsibility for
      nominating three ICANN Directors, as noted in the ICANN ByLaws, Art. V. at
      http://www.icann.org/general/bylaws.htm#V. This responsibility will, in
      the normal course of events, be conducted through an open process managed
      by the Address Council, a body created by the ASO to manage the business
      of the ASO.
      For the initial ASO nominations to the ICANN Board, the ASO will nominate
      three Directors to serve terms of 1, 2, and 3 years.
      ASO Nominations Process for ICANN Directors
      The ASO nominations process for ICANN Directors is being initiated by the
      Regional Internet Registries through an open call for nominations. This is
      an initial action to start up the process and, for future years, this
      process will be managed by the Address Council on behalf of the ASO.
      This announcement describes only the call for nominations within the
      Asia-Pacific region, a call that will be managed by APNIC.
      The process of selection of the initial ASO nominated ICANN Directors will
      be defined and managed by the Address Council.
      Any individual may be nominated within this process, with the exception of
      any official of a national government or a multinational entity
      established by treaty or other agreement between national governments
      (ICANN ByLaws Art. V., Sec 5.). Self-nominations are permitted.
      Nominations are to be made by completing and submitting the "ICANN Board -
      Nomination" Form at http://www.apnic.net/icann/nominate.html .
      All nominations must be submitted on or before 1 October 1999 and must be
      in English.
      All nominees will be contacted via email to confirm their willingness to
      serve as an ICANN Director. If the nominee is not contactable via email
      then the nomination will not be confirmed. The nominee must explicitly
      confirm the nomination for the nomination to be considered confirmed.
      All confirmed nominations will be listed on the APNIC web site (see
      http://www.apnic.net/icann/) as soon as they are confirmed (the list will
      be updated at 30 minute intervals). Those wishing to express support for
      any individuals who have been nominated should use the "ICANN Board -
      Support of Nomination" Form at http://www.apnic.net/icann/support.html.
      The list of nominated individuals and the supporting comments will be
      passed to the Address Council on 4 October 1999.
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