APRICOT Update - the Internet's best will be there to teach the tutorial

  • Subject: APRICOT Update - the Internet's best will be there to teach the tutorials ...
  • From: Barry Raveendran Greene <bgreene at cisco dot com>
  • Date: Sun, 21 Dec 1997 09:59:32 +0800
  • Organization: Cisco Systems - Corporate Consulting Group
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      Hello Everyone,
      APRICOT III has confirmed some of the Internet's best will be there to teach 
      the APRICOT tutorials. APRICOT's tutorials presents critical Internet 
      operations knowledge that is usually gain through hard knocks and/or word of 
      mouth. If you are wracking your brains trying to find ways to train your 
      staff, APRICOT is the place to send them.
      Here is an example of what we mean:
      + If you want to get you systems team trained in ISP UNIX administraters, get 
      the people who have taught many of the best UNIX administrators on the 
      Internet: Barbara Dijker and Evi Nemeth.
      + If you wish to build a robust DNS system for you customers, get the person 
      who writes bind to teach it: Paul Vixie.
      + If you really wish to know the realities of routers and switches on the 
      Internet, get Scott Bradner, the man who's tested most of them in his lab to 
      walk you through it.
      APRICOT's philosophy is to go to the source of knowledge. Get the best to 
      teach the best ISP Engineers, business managers, and policy makers in the 
      region. Here's a full breakdown of the tutorials as they stand now. Sign up 
      fast. Many of these tutorials fill up quickly.
      APRICOT III Tutorials
      Internet Security		Barbara Fraser <byf at cert dot org>	
      DNS and BIND Operations
      The Domain Name System		Paul Vixie <paul at vix dot org>
      Internet Protocol Version 6		Scott Bradner <scott at harvard dot edu>
      IP and ATM		Paul Mockapetris <paul.mockapetris at software dot com>
      Introduction to Internet Routing	Hugh Irvine <hugh at irvine dot com dot au>
      APNIC Policies and Procedures	David Conrad <davidc at apnic dot net>
      Unix Power Tools I		Evi Nemeth <evi at cs dot colorado dot edu>
      Dialup Technologies and Strategies	Bob Berger <rberger at ibd dot com>
      Sendmail		Eric Allman <eric at sendmail dot org>
      System Administration for ISPs	Barbara Dijker <barb at labyrinth dot com>
      Combating SPAM (in Mail and Usenet)	Paul Vixie <paul at vix dot com>
      WWW Caching and Web Server Techniques	Steward Forster <slf at connect dot com dot au>
      Advanced Internet Routing		Arpakorn Boonkongchuen <aboonkon at cisco dot com>
      Switches and Routers		Scott Bradner <scott at harvard dot edu>
      Internet Regulation and Policy	Laina Raveendran Greene <laina at getit dot org>
      Promoting Routability		Anne Lord <annel at uk dot uu dot netanne at apnic dot net>
      Internet QoS & Traffic Management	Paul Ferguson <pferguso at cisco dot com>
      		Geoff Huston <gih at telstra dot net>	
      Unix Power Tools II		Evi Nemeth <evi at cs dot colorado dot edu>
      Advanced Perl Programming		Barbara Dijker <barb at labyrinth dot com>
      For More Information - Watch http://www.apricot.net for upcoming final 
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      Barry Raveendran Greene
      APRICOT Organization Committee
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