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      RIPE NCC Survey 2013 - Please Participate
      Dear colleagues,
      The RIPE NCC Survey 2013 is now online. You can take the survey at:
      There are no limits on who can take the survey. All interested parties
      globally are asked to participate.
      We ask that you take this very important survey for the RIPE NCC and the
      Internet community, and that you encourage your colleagues and contacts
      to participate.
      This survey will allow us to assess our services and activities,
      identify areas for improvement, and help shape our strategy for the
      coming years.
      The survey is carried out by the Oxford Internet Institute (OII), which
      guarantees anonymity for participants and independent assessment of
      results. It will remain open until 24 June 2013. The results will be
      presented at the RIPE 67 Meeting in Athens.
      The survey conducted in 2011 by the OII provided us with 52 key findings
      that the RIPE NCC was able to act on, and we hope this survey will
      provide similarly useful feedback.
      This is your chance to let the RIPE NCC know exactly what you think and
      give your suggestions for how the organization should operate. We hope
      you will take advantage of this opportunity.
      Prize Draws
      To encourage responses, the RIPE NCC is offering participants the chance
      to win an iPad mini if they complete the survey.
      An iPad Mini winner will be drawn every week until the survey is
      completed on 24 June. If you complete the survey early, you will be
      included in later prize draws, giving you more chances to win.
      If you have any questions about the survey, you can email us at:
      Sent on behalf of Serge Radovcic
      Chief Communications Officer
      RIPE NCC
      APNIC Secretariat                                 secretariat@apnic.net
      Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC)   Tel: +61 7 3858 3100
      PO Box 3646 South Brisbane, QLD 4101 Australia    Fax: +61 7 3858 3199
      6 Cordelia Street, South Brisbane, QLD            http://www.apnic.net
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