[Apnic-announce] APNIC fee schedule changes

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  • Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2007 18:00:09 +1000 (EST)
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      As you are aware the APNIC fee structure has been under discussion for
      some time, and a vote was recently held on a specific proposal to alter
      the APNIC fee schedule.  This proposal contained two specific
      modifications to the current fee structure: firstly, that the APNIC
      fees should be set in Australian dollars using a conversion rate of
      0.7889; and secondly that an increase of 7% be applied to the fees.
      As announced at APNIC 24, that vote was not passed, by a narrow margin.
      Since APNIC 24, the APNIC EC has reviewed the result of the vote and
      the associated discussions during the recent meeting and by the APNIC
      Fees Working Group, along with the current financial environment in
      which we are operating, and the advice received from our consultants,
      KPMG. Specifically, the APNIC EC has been considering the possible
      adoption of one element of the recent proposal, namely that the APNIC
      fees should be set in Australian dollars. This possibility has been
      raised numerous times during previous discussions at the APNIC meeting
      and Fees Working Group, and received widespread support with no
      At its meeting of 11 October 2007, the APNIC EC completed its
      consideration of these matters, and has determined that APNIC will
      adopt a change of the fee schedule to use Australian dollars, but
      without the 7% fee increase.
      Therefore the APNIC Fee Schedule will be set in Australian dollars,
      converting the US dollar fees into Australian dollars using the
      conversion rate specified in recent proposal, namely the rate used in
      setting the 2007 APNIC budget of 1 AUD = 0.7889 USD. You can find
      below a link to the new schedule of APNIC fees using Australian
      Dollars, effective as of 1 January 2008.
      It is noted that under the APNIC Bylaws (Section 4), the APNIC EC has
      responsibility to establish the membership fees for APNIC. While in
      the past a number of changes in the fee schedule were undertaken by
      the EC following a vote by the APNIC Membership, such a membership
      vote has not been strictly necessary under our Bylaws. The respective
      roles and responsibilities of the EC and the Membership are set forth
      in the APNIC Bylaws:
      In this case, the EC is proceeding with the change of the currency
      used for APNIC fees, after consideration of the recent vote, and based
      upon its analysis that further variation in the exchange rate between
      USD and AUD would bring APNIC more uncertainty for its financial
      stability. The essential solution for this instability is to change
      the fee currency to AUD in which the dominant portion of APNIC's
      operation expense is paid.
      The new APNIC fee structure is now available online, at:
      After extensive consideration, the APNIC EC is confident that the
      change will have the support of the large majority of APNIC members,
      and will be in the very best interests of the organisation.
      We thank you for your support of APNIC.
      MAEMURA Akinori