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      Dear Colleague,
      During the past week, meetings have been held between APIA and APRICOT
      to discuss the future of these organisations.  These meetings finally
      resolved that APIA and APRICOT should merge into one body. 
      The APNIC EC has supported this merger as a sensible practical step to
      increase the stability of both organisations, and strengthen their
      contribution to the Internet community of the Asia Pacific.
      The operation of APRICOT will now become the responsibility of the APIA
      Board of Directors.  Therefore, APIA has decided to open nominations to
      a new Interim Board of Directors, which will take responsibility for
      implementing the merger.
      Following is APIA's call for nominations.  If you are interested in the
      future of the APRICOT conference and APIA organisation, you may nominate
      by following the instructions below.  
      For more information, please see:
      APIA:     http://www.apia.org
      APRICOT:  http://www.apricot.net and http://www.apricot2003.net
      Best regards,
      Paul Wilson, Director-General, APNIC                      <dg at apnic dot net>
      http://www.apnic.net                            ph/fx +61 7 3858 3100/99
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      Call for Nominations for Member of APIA Board of Directors
      APIA is requesting nominations to serve on the Interim Board of
      Directors. This is an interim position to serve for 7 months until the
      next AGM to be held during APRICOT in Taipei at the end of February
      2003.  However, the tasks set for the Board are important as the new
      Board is expected to carry out the responsibility to develop plans for
      merging APIA and APRICOT.  They will play a major role in setting the
      foundation for the future of APIA/APRICOT.
      At the end of February this year, APIA submitted a proposal to APRICOT
      Exco for APIA to  provide a legal umbrella for APRICOT so that APRICOT
      operation can be stabilized and quality of the event will be ensured.
      On 17 July during IETF meeting in Yokohama, we held an open meeting with
      the stakeholders of APRICOT to discuss about our proposal. The consensus
      was to merge APIA and APRICOT; however, the detail still needs to be
      worked out.  This is a major directional change for APIA, and the task
      to develop the plan is expected to be carried out by the new Board.
      Functions and Responsibilities of the Directors:  
      The main function of the Directors of APIA is listed at
      http://www.apia.org/board.htm.  APIA  and APRICOT are looking for an
      individual who will dedicate time and energy to accomplish the
      organization's mission and objectives and be actively involved in our
      management. We are looking for someone with a serious time commitment,
      critical analytical skill, and expertise in the industry to guide us
      through the tough times.  Vast industry contacts and innovative ideas
      would help us build APIA/APRICOT a strong organization. 
      Qualification of  Nominee:  
      To be consistent with the current by-laws, the nominees need to come
      from the membership.  However, an individual who is interested in
      serving as a board member can become APIA member to be qualified.  (The
      individual membership fee is US$50.)
      APIA Member organization can nominate one individual representing the
      organization.  The individual members can self-nominate for the
      position.  The selection of individuals to fill four vacancies will be
      done by the current APIA Board Members in consultation with APRICOT Exco
      Members.  The information to send APIA Secretariat should include:
      Name of Nominee:
      Country of residence:
      Member Organization/Individual Name:
      Email Address:
      Biographical information:
      Motivation for nomination:
      Name of nominating individual: (it can be self-nominated)
      Email Address:
      The nominations must reach APIA office at least by the midnight (Tokyo
      time) of 8th of August, 2002. APIA can be contacted at kyoko at apia dot org. 
      For more information, please visit http://www.apia.org.  If you have any
      questions, please contact kyoko at apia dot org.  We look forward to hearing
      from you soon.
      Kyoko Day - Secretary General
      Asia & Pacific Internet Association (APIA)
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