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  • Date: Wed, 29 May 2002 11:53:18 +1000
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      APNIC, the Asia Pacific Network Information Centre, is pleased to
      announce the availability of a research and development grant fund to
      support small R&D projects related to Internet infrastructure
      development in the Asia Pacific region.
      In making this allocation, APNIC has joined IDRC's Pan Asia Networking
      (PAN) Programme and Asia Pacific Development Information Programme
      (APDIP) to establish a joint R&D fund.   This cooperative effort will
      pool resources and administrative costs in order to improve the
      effectiveness and efficiency of the R&D funding process.  The
      administration of the programme will be carried out by AMIC, and Asian
      Media Information and Communication Centre, of Singapore.
      The overall objective of the joint Grants Programme is to promote an
      active R&D environment for Internet based applications, systems and
      policy research in the Asia-Pacific region. The Grants Programme is
      expected to foster local entrepreneurship, build research capacities,
      and accelerate the use of the Internet for development in the region.
      APNIC's specific objective is to support R&D activities pertaining to
      Internet infrastructure development and management, technical and
      administrative policy, and Internet resource management, particularly
      relating to IP Addresses and related resources.  APNIC especially
      encourages member organisations, including ISPs, academic networks, and
      National Internet Registries to submit R&D proposals to the programme.
      Small grants of up to US$9,000 and Project Grants of up to US$30,000
      each will be awarded on a competitive basis to successful institutions
      from the Asia-Pacific region. The selection and approval process will be
      overseen by a small committee comprising representatives from each of
      the participating organisations.  Committee members nominated by APNIC
      include Mr Paul Wilson, Director General or APNIC, and Professor Xing
      Li, of Tsingua University, Beijing.
      The deadline for submission of completed proposals is 15 July 2002. The
      grants committee will screen proposals during September and the results
      will be made known in early October 2002.
      Kindly use the Guide to the Programme (http://www.pan.org.sg/grants/) to
      learn more about the Grants, application and awarding procedures.  
      For information about APNIC's specific role and interests in this
      programme, please contact Paul Wilson, Director General, by email to
      <dg at apnic dot net>
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