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      APNIC-086 -  "Policies for Address Space Management
                    in the Asia Pacific Region" 
      APNIC is pleased to announce that the revised document "Policies for
      Address Space Management in the Asia Pacific Region" is now available
      for public comment at:
      The text version is available at:
      Changes made to the document
          1. Policies adopted at the 12th APNIC Open Policy Meeting have
             been integrated.
          2. The expression and style of the document have been simplified.
          No additional changes to policy or procedures have been
          incorporated into the document.
      Document review category
          The document will be reviewed as a Category C document. This is
          because the policy document reflects policies previously 
          documented and accepted by the APNIC community at the 12th APNIC
          Open Policy Meeting. No additional policies or procedures have
          been included.
          Category C, as described in "APNIC Document Review Policies and
          Procedures", allows for error correction, typographical and
          stylistic revisions, document labelling, and revisions and
          developments affecting minor procedures and guidelines. The
          changes made to the policy document fall within these criteria.
      Schedule for review
          Review begins:			21 December 2001
          Total review period:		1 month
          Deadline for comments:		21 January 2002
      Submitting comments
          Please address your comments to the mailing list:
              <sig-policy at apnic dot net>
          Subscription to sig-policy is handled by emailing 
          majordomo at apnic dot net with 'subscribe sig-policy' in the body
          of the message.
          If, you would like to make comments privately, please email 
          Paul Wilson, Director General of APNIC at <pwilson at apnic dot net>.
      Presentation of document to Executive Council
          The policy document is provisionally active pending approval
          by the Executive Council.
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