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      To whom it may concern,
      This message is being sent to you as a member or stakeholder of APNIC, the
      Asia Pacific Network Information Centre.
      The APNIC Executive Council has recently commissioned a major survey of
      APNIC's community, to be conducted by the major international Financial and
      Consulting firm KPMG.
      This, the Second APNIC Members and Stakeholders Survey, will involve
      questionnaires and a series of direct consultation meetings to be held
      throughout the Asia Pacific region.  Its aim is to widely canvas the views
      and inputs of APNIC's community, and to contribute to APNIC's future
      planning processes.
      The APNIC EC strongly encourages the participation of all interested parties
      in this important process.   For more information, please review the
      background information below, and visit the survey website at
      We thank you sincerely for your participation, which will help APNIC to
      become a stronger and more effective organisation in future.
      Best regards,
      Che-Hoo Cheng, Chairman
      Paul Wilson, Director General
      Second APNIC Members and Stakeholders Survey
      Background Information
      APNIC, as a membership organisation, relies on community input in planning
      our services, operations, and future developments. Given the fast pace of
      change in the Asia-Pacific Internet environment, we need to undertake
      frequent business and strategic planning, in order to fulfil the
      expectations of APNIC members and of the wider Internet community.
      Accordingly, the APNIC Executive Council (EC) has commissioned the second
      ever formal survey of members and stakeholders, and we are especially
      interested in your active contributions. As its highest priority, APNIC is
      dedicated to serving the needs of our members and community, and your views
      will provide the critical primary input into our planning processes in the
      years ahead.
      During the coming months, independent expert consultants Dr John Earls of
      KPMG and Dr Tan Tin Wee of the National University of Singapore will be
      travelling in the Asia Pacific region, undertaking direct consultations with
      APNIC members and stakeholders. In addition they will also attend the APNIC
      Open Policy meeting in August, and will arrange a similar schedule of
      individual interviews and group consultations.
      These meetings represent the primary opportunity for any interested party to
      provide input into the survey. For those who cannot attend these
      consultations, it will still be possible to contribute to the survey by
      providing a written response to a questionnaire which will be released by
      the consultants in the near future. Please note that the source of
      individual responses and interviews will NOT be passed to APNIC, as we
      believe that confidentiality of the process may improve the quality of
      responses in some cases.
      Another important aspect of this survey is that input will be possible to
      participate in the Asia-Pacific language of your choosing, whether during
      the in country meetings, or through written responses.
      We expect that this survey will be complete in November 2001, with a report
      from the consultants to the APNIC EC, who will then ensure that the
      conclusions are used effectively.
      Further details of this project are available on the APNIC website, at:
      In addition Dr Earls will contact you shortly with further details of the
      consultation process and arrangements.
      As an APNIC Member or interested stakeholder, you are cordially invited and
      strongly encouraged to participate in this process. If you are not the
      appropriate person to respond within your organisation would you please pass
      this invitation on and ask the appropriate person to respond.
      APNIC is confident that with the expertise of Dr Earls and Dr Tan and with
      the particular methodology which has been chosen, we have a very valuable
      opportunity to improve the quality of our planning processes and improve our
      services to members.
      Che-Hoo Cheng, Chairman
      Paul Wilson, Director General
      27 June 2001
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