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Re: [Ap-ipv6tf] [members] May 2017 LACNIC/LA IPv6 Council Jim Bound AWARD

Congratulaciones al LACNIC/LA IPv6 Council por el Jim Bound Award. 

Saludos a todos / Rosa

On 27 May 2017, at 07:21, Latif LADID [IPv6-based Internet] <latif@ladid.lu> wrote:

2017 LACNIC/LA IPv6 Council Jim Bound AWARD

from left to right: Azael Fernandes, FLIP6 Chair; Max Rangel, Miguel Palacios, Manuel Aguilar (all 3 from TIGO); Fabio Fonseca (Telefonica); Aldo Carballo and Alejandro D'Egidio (Telecentro) 

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