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The RIPE Atlas map of PNG shows 1 connected and 9 abandoned probes:
(you can click on the abandoned legend to show the abandoned probes)

This one is online

so there is an opportunity for network measurements (ask if you want credits to run tests and don't have a probe of  your own to earn credits).

These probes are abandoned - but can be reconnected to the network if they can be found: <-- Anchor @ Telkom - decommissioned Feb 2020 <-- Original v1 probe <-- SILMEA02 down for 23 months <-- v3 probe on AS38009 <-- on AS38009 (Bank of PNG) <-- v1 gone for a long time (11y) <-- not publicly visible <-- not publicly visible <-- v3 down for 19 months

Just wondering if anyone has seen any of these probes - either still connected to the network and firewalled off so they can't get out - or powered off and still serviceable? I recently contacted people I'd distributed probes to and managed to get a handful recovered or reconnected and back in operation.

Equally there are now software probes if people have VM infrastructure where they'd be interested in running an Atlas probe ( )