G'day All,

I would like to congratulate Ms. Amanda Wakana and APNIC for getting this mailing list up and running.  

I will assist to get more involvement as I have colleagues than span an entire decade from the field who may contribute in one way or another.

But firstly I'd like to pose a few questions:

1.  What is the purpose and mission statement of the PNGNOG?  

2.  What is APNICs vision for the PNGNOG?

3.  What strategies does PNGNOG have to implement it's vision and satisfy it's mission statement?

If we can answer these questions then we are our way to making an impact.

Furthermore, I'm sure there are a few of us that represent competing organisations in the Telco and ISP businesses, so information may be some what restricted.  But I believe the idea of this group is to unite us, so that we may be able to build and operate better networks for the benefit of PNG and the world.

I have to stress however that there are important topics of discussion that must exist in a proper forum, outside of this mailing list and must involve representation from the PNGNOG.  Topics like Cybersecurity, 5G and unlicensed frequency use.  Topics that we can and should discuss.

I do believe the PNGNOG can have a meaningful impact on this country and once again Congratulations!

Best regards,

Nathanael Pomat 

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   1. Anyone using IOS/IOS-XE? (Mark Prior)


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