Dear All,


With the venue and program all set to go, and about 57 registrations received as to date, we are now inviting Proposals for Presentations at the Conference Session preceding the Workshop Tracks


We will be much pleased to consider your proposals, joining the Network Operators who will be there, also sharing on their new network developments, case studies and network experiences.


Presentation and Topics need to be relevant and of hot topics to IP network operations and development, contribute to the capacity development and awareness of the network operators of the Pacific, and needs to be technical paper suitable for the network engineers.


Feel free to contact me and discuss if you have any questions or additional thinking for this opportunity


Calls for this will close as soon as we have all the available timeslots taken.


We will hear from those with interests soon



Best regards

Fred Christopher

for PacNOG Coordinating Committee



From: PITA Manager []
Sent: Thursday, 18 May 2017 1:00 PM
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Subject: Welcome to PacNOG 20 - pre-notice and registration


Dear PacNOG Members,


This is to preliminary announce and invite pre-registrations to the PACNOG 20th EDUCATIONAL CONFERENCE & TRAINING, to be held in SUVA, FIJI on 03-07 July 2017.

Venue in Suva to be confirmed very shortly.



The tentative program for the 5 days PacNOG 20 includes the following:



This technical workshop to teach design issues to build

  1. routing infrastructure,
  2. classifications and
  3. how to choose different routing protocols, Internet routing architecture design principles, OSPF, BGP, BGP traffic engineering and scaling tools i.e. Local Pref, MED, AS path prepend, communities, Route reflector, peer group etc.

The workshop will cover theory and hands-on for detail protocol level operation and industry best current practise for network operators & service providers, as well as enterprise network.




The objective of this workshop is to teach on establishing and maintaining security for a network, by building a deeper understanding and familiarity with their operation.

The training will examine the key concepts, protocols and the policies involved, and further cover

  1. examining Device and network infrastructure security with a focus on different layers to establish a robust, stable and secure network and protect the data and processes that occur in the network.
  2. Look at the nature and structure of network attacks and the motivation that drives such on-­‐line malicious activity, and
  3. Further examine actions and processes that can be used to identify, mitigate and respond to such attacks.



REGISTRATION  & Registration Fee:

There will be a registration to help cover for catering facilities for your daily refreshments and lunch. Fees will be FJ$280.00 per person (~135USD - cover the whole week training)


If you are approved and confirmed to attend this training, kindly REGISTER ONLINE to enable us start the process to liaise for payment details and reserve seat. Once payment is received, then the seat will be reserved.


Limited seats

Note that there will be limited seats of 30 per Track. First-come-first-served basis will be applied for securing seats.



We shortly update the website with the full details for the Program, Agenda, Travel, Accommodation and Participant information for PacNOG 20. ( or


Meanwhile, for any questions and enquiries, kindly contact me (the undersigned)



We kindly thank PacNOG Coordinating Partners for bringing to you, PacNOG 20. PacNOG Coordinating Partners are: APNIC, ICANN, NSRC, PITA. The Trainers for PacNOG 20 are kindly provided and sponsored by APNIC.


Sent..on behalf of the PacNOG Coordinating Committee


Fred Christopher


Pacific Islands Telecommunications Association (PITA)

Tel: +679 3311638