Hello everyone

It seems to be improving. I re-run same check from all RIPE Atlas probes in India towards that Vodafone 4G IP:


By looking at each of traceroute, we can probably say:

  1. Tata Comm AS4755 - Vodafone India AS55410 seem connected again and routing locally now.
  2. For Tata as well as it's downstream path is all now direct and from within India. 
  3. For Airtel and it's downstream path is: Airtel AS9498 > IDEA AS55644 > Vodafone AS55410.
  4. For Airtel and it's downstream route towards Vodafone has very high latency. It could be because of congestion or likely that traffic is still coming from outside of India, just that likely through IDEA AS55644 transit ports with AS9498 outside of India.  While Indian operators except Tata do not put location in rDNS PTR records, I am guessing it based on my latency with hops before traffic hits IDEA AS55644.

Please do share if anyone gets an update from their respective transit providers.


On Fri, Aug 14, 2020 at 4:10 PM Mitesh Patel <mitesh@dishawaves.com> wrote:

Dear team

                We are suffering issue from our upstream for US Region prefix





Mitesh Patel

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From: Mahesh Palaye
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Subject: [INNOG] Re: Vodafone AS55410 routing issues today?


Dear Anurag,


Our Noida customers are also reported same issue & as you mentioned, all the impacted Vodafone prefixes are learning from outside India.


We are still not received complaints from our Mumbai customers so suspecting that Vodafone have changed routing of specific location routes (North India) only.


We are coordinating with our upstream providers to get update from Vodafone Team.





Mahesh Palaye


From: Raj Sharma [mailto:raj@mnetconnect.com]
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Subject: [INNOG] Re: Vodafone AS55410 routing issues today?


Hi Anurag


Have asked my Downstream AS58590 who also has AS55410 as his upstream Peer to check with Vodafone on his direct tickets raised to Vodafone 

I will update the same here once I get updates 



Thanks and regards,

Raj Sharma,
Assistant General Manager - Technical Head
M-Net Fiber Fast

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13.08.2020, 23:26, "Anurag Bhatia" <me@anuragbhatia.com>:

OK - Some more details. My good friend Doug Madory notied drop of Tata Comm AS6453 transit by Vodafone (twitter discussion here).

So I traced one of Vodafone India IP -  via all Indian RIPE Atlas probes and found this:




Jio -> Vodafone is from outside of India:


Traceroute to (, 48 byte packets
1 * * *
2 AS17488 1.816ms 1.615ms 1.838ms
3 AS17488 2.208ms 2.689ms 2.869ms
4 AS55836 3.51ms 2.667ms 2.74ms
5 AS64049 3.935ms 3.721ms 3.475ms
6 AS64049 36.524ms 36.58ms 36.976ms
7 AS64049 35.96ms 35.753ms 36.206ms
8 snge-b1-link.telia.net AS1299 38.486ms 466.176ms 66.607ms
9 cablewireless-ic-318568-sng-b2.c.telia.net AS1299 40.977ms 37.501ms 37.921ms

10 ae2-xcr2.sgs.cw.net AS1273 36.734ms 36.752ms 37.745ms
11 AS1273 90.377ms 87.643ms 87.61ms
12 AS55410 123.017ms * 123.815ms
13 118.055ms 118.74ms 117.496ms
14 * * *
15 * * *




Downstream of Sify > Sify > Vodafone is also from outside of India:


Traceroute to (, 48 byte packets
1 0.595ms 0.52ms 0.446ms
2 2.275ms 3.288ms 2.186ms
3 45-116-1-45.rev.expl.in AS134053 2.134ms 2.044ms 2.239ms
4 AS132215 31.111ms 30.115ms 29.543ms
5 AS9583 29.827ms 30.194ms 32.622ms
6 120.064ms 120.152ms 118.596ms
7 117.115ms 119.975ms 121.212ms
8 te0-2-0-20.br03.sin02.pccwbtn.net AS3491 116.155ms 118.149ms 105.401ms
9 63-218-165-62.static.pccwglobal.net AS3491 181.275ms 181.288ms 181.726ms
10 ae2-xcr2.sgs.cw.net AS1273 191.441ms 191.216ms 191.154ms
11 AS1273 124.734ms 143.46ms 124.93ms
12 AS55410 127.83ms 127.935ms 127.15ms
13 120.859ms 121.013ms 120.807ms
14 * * *
15 * * *




ACT -> Vodafone is also from outside of India:


Traceroute to (, 48 byte packets
1 4.431ms 39.041ms 2.838ms
2 0.358ms 0.46ms 0.375ms
3 broadband.actcorp.in AS18209 1.105ms 1.01ms 1.15ms
4 * * *
5 AS4755 0.957ms 0.984ms 0.839ms
6 * * *
7 ix-ae-0-100.tcore1.mlv-mumbai.as6453.net AS6453 16.285ms 16.133ms 16.315ms
8 if-ae-2-2.tcore2.mlv-mumbai.as6453.net AS6453 137.974ms 136.94ms 137.054ms
9 * * *
10 if-ae-17-2.tcore1.ldn-london.as6453.net AS6453 134.706ms 134.581ms 134.71ms
11 AS6453 144.3ms 144.382ms 144.461ms

12 * * *
13 * 160.318ms *
14 * * AS55644 161.067ms
15 * * *
16 * * *



BSNL -> Vodafone India is also from outside of India:


Traceroute to (, 48 byte packets
1 1.404ms 0.817ms 0.752ms
2 AS9829 6.854ms 7.066ms 6.711ms
3 AS9829 6.201ms 7.051ms 6.765ms
4 static.ill. AS9829 7.002ms 6.865ms 6.776ms
5 AS9829 14.443ms 14.44ms 14.385ms
6 AS9829 14.581ms 14.563ms 14.451ms
7 AS4755 20.492ms 21.025ms 21.002ms
8 AS9498 42.32ms 41.959ms 42.096ms
9 ix-ae-0-100.tcore1.mlv-mumbai.as6453.net AS6453 135.491ms 135.111ms 135.816ms
10 if-ae-2-2.tcore2.mlv-mumbai.as6453.net AS6453 160.395ms 161.125ms 160.575ms
11 if-ae-12-2.tcore1.l78-london.as6453.net AS6453 162.728ms 162.862ms *
12 if-ae-17-2.tcore1.ldn-london.as6453.net AS6453 165.299ms 165.141ms 165.059ms
13 AS6453 209.081ms 204.502ms 209.749ms

14 * * *
15 366.111ms * 362.12ms
16 AS55644 186.795ms 187.232ms *
17 * * *
18 * * *




I also checked NIXI route servers to see if Vodafone AS55410 routes are visible and saw quite low number of routes from AS55410. Strange case.

Airtel seems to be dropping traffic as well as per RIPE Atlas traces.


from their looking glass saw:



AS path: 174 9583 55644 55410 38266 ? (Originator)




AS path: 3491 1273 55410 38266 I (Originator)



So Vodafone India lost connectivity to virtually all networks in India inside India and routing from outside of India. Unsure why.


Anyone got any replies from Vodafone on direct tickets? 






On Thu, Aug 13, 2020 at 10:51 PM Raj Sharma <raj@mnetconnect.com> wrote:

Hi Apoorv and Anurag,


My Downstream peer  AS58590 also reported issues as he has AS55410 as his upstream 


They had faced issues on some routes and applications


Guys ,Any specific subnets which got impacted .

Thanks and regards,

Raj Sharma,
Assistant General Manager - Technical Head
M-Net Fiber Fast

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10:39 pm, 13 August 2020, Anurag Bhatia <me@anuragbhatia.com>:

Hi Apoorv



I heard both Tata Comm and Vodafone were missing many of their routes besides NIXI route server. Though I cannot verify that. I checked routes of Vodafone AS55410 announced outside of India mostly behind Vodafone/C&W AS1273 and those announcements seem consistent.


Wondering if the issues you faced were with domestic Indian connectivity only?





On Thu, Aug 13, 2020 at 10:31 PM Apoorv Verma <apoorvverma.lko@gmail.com> wrote:


Vodafone is our upstream..and we are facing issue.






On Thu 13 Aug, 2020, 9:40 PM Raj Sharma, <raj@mnetconnect.com> wrote:

Hi Anurag


One of my downstream peers who also has Vodafone also as his upstream peer  has faced issues this evening on some routes and certain applications were not working 

Thanks and Regards,

Raj  Sharma,

Asst.General Manager-Technical Head


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On 13-Aug-2020, at 9:30 PM, Anurag Bhatia <me@anuragbhatia.com> wrote:




Anyone heard about Vodafone AS55410 routing issues today? I hear many key backbones were missing their routes. Anyone else also facing this issue?


Anurag Bhatia

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