Looks interesting

Any chances we can run that inside a Docker container instead of a full-blown VM?

Best Regards
Daryll Swer

On Mon, 20 Jun 2022 at 13:43, Nuno Vieira <nuno@edgoo.io> wrote:

I've launched an mtr/intrace instance on the website URL: https://mtr.pt

I am looking to add more probes, particularly from India.

If someone are interested in having one and listed here please msg me directly or to mtr@mtr.pt

probe requirements are: a vm with ubuntu 20.04 or higher, 1G ram, 25G HDD, One IPv4 and IPv6.  A bgp feed is optional but will be used to display bgp routing details.

Kind regards,
Nuno Vieira
edgoo networks

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