AS0 RPKI system deployed in production (Prop132)

The AS0 RPKI system previously in test has now been deployed to
production. This completes implementation of APNIC Policy Prop132
"RPKI ROAs for unallocated and unassigned APNIC address space"


A new TAL is being used which can be fetched from:


Alternate forms of this TAL are also available and are documented at:


Please replace any prior TAL configuration in your RPKI validation
systems. If you are not using this TAL consider adding it to get
notification of authenticated denial of unallocated resources in
the APNIC region.

A report on deployment will be presented at APNIC50. This service
will be discussed in the APNIC Routing SIG at the meeting, and
subsequently on the mailing list:


A blog article describing the deployment methodology is available at:


Caveats and warnings about the use of this AS0 ROA are documented at:



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